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Quick Mill QM67 Dual Boiler - See What's New in 2018

Some pretty nice upgrades have been made to the QM67...

What's New On The 2018 Quick Mill QM67?

Quick Mill made some pretty major changes to their ever popular dual boiler espresso machine - the QM67. It still has dual boilers, a vibratory pump and is draped in gorgeous stainless steel - so what's different? A good amount. 

First, let's go over the benefits of a dual boiler espresso machine. 

Benefits Of A Dual Boiler

  • Higher levels of consistency
  • Better temperature stability
  • Larger volume of drinks
  • Virtually zero pressure loss in between uses
  • Dedicated boilers (one for steam, one for brew)

Basically, a dual boiler is ideal for someone looking to brew and steam simultaneously, brew multiple drinks back-to-back with no pressure loss or rebound time or someone that needs a fast turnaround time (coffee cart owners, perhaps). 

2018 Quick Mill QM67

Dual Stainless Steel Insulated Boilers

This is the big change. Moving away from copper, Quick Mill is now putting stainless steel boilers in their machines. A massive upgrade.


New & Improved LED PID Display (with a new location)

Quick Mill not only moved the PID to the bottom of the machine but they gave it a welcomed facelift. 


New Dual Gauge

Instead of over-populating the face of the machine, Quick Mill added this sleek all-in-one brew & steam pressure gauge.


Upgraded Stainless Steel Cup Rail

Quick Mill really improved the aesthetics of the QM67 with these updates

Magnetic Drip Tray

Reduces noise & vibration by assuring the drip tray stays flush with the machine during use.


Insulated Stainless Steel Boilers

Not only did the composition change but insulation was added making the QM67 extremely quiet!