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2019 Rocket Espresso Machines - See What's New

rocket espresso machines 2018

Shop The All New 2019 Rocket Espresso Machines

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You've probably heard, via our instagram page, that Rocket has released it's newest espresso machines. Let's go over what's new, what's not and what's gone!

2019 Rocket Espresso Machine Lineup (Domestic Machines)

Basically, the Cellini is gone - donezo. It's been replaced by the incredibly fun-saying Mozzafiato. Like the Cellini, the Mozzafiato carries the simpler, boxier frame when compared to the rounded-out Giotto. Who wouldn't want something called a Mozzafiato in their kitchen?

The Evoluzione models have now become the Evoluzione R. New to these are PID replacing the pressure stat. Now, users can control boiler temperature with the touch of a button. All Rocket machines, minus the Appartamento, now contain PID. 

New Features 

Height Adjustable Feet

Rocket has added adjustable feet allowing you to lower you machine by as much as an entire inch. It's unique two-level design allows users to simply remove the top level to instantly lower your machine. Ideal for those working with limited counter space. 

rocket espresso adjustable feet image

Stainless Steel Cup Frame

As if their machines weren't beautiful enough, Rocket has taken it a step further. Replacing the plastic cup rack is an elegant stainless steel railing. This not only means better quality but an even further improved appearance sure to yield endless compliments.

Rocket Espresso "R" Steam Wand Knobs

All models now contain the patented "R" steam knobs. This has absolutely zero effect on the performance of the machine but it still looks pretty damn awesome.  


PID has been added to the Evoluzione R series replacing the pressure stat. Now, you can control your boiler's internal temperature with the touch of a button. 

Other Models From Rocket Espresso


The only change to the ever popular R58 is the addition of the height adjustable feet. 

Rocket Espresso R58


The only change to the R60V is the addition of the height adjustable feet. 

Rocket Espresso R60V Pressure Profiling Espresso Machine


No changes. The Appartamento does not contain height adjustable feet. 

Rocket Espresso Appartamento Copper

Rocket Espresso Appartamento White