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3 Things You Need To Make Cafe-Quality Espresso At Home

3 Things You Need To Make Cafe-Quality Espresso At Home

For many, that first cup of coffee in the morning is of vital importance. A good cup will start your day off perfectly, get the positive vibes flowing and will give you the energy needed to attack the day.

A bad cup, on the other hand, can have detrimental effects. You'll have a terrible taste in your mouth for a while and will have a feeling of dissatisfaction all morning if not all day. This is no good.

Making quality espresso at home is not as far fetched as you think. Yes, a good espresso machine can be costly but when you think about the benefits it'll bring (endless positive starts to your day) that burden will rapidly fade away. We all have our favorite spot for coffee. For me, it's my kitchen. But it wasn't always like that. I didn't always have a rocket espresso machine. My kitchen wasn't always dazzled by my mazzer mini coffee grinder. No, before I used to go to my favorite local coffee bar or roaster for my latte or cappuccino. Little did I know I could make that same drink, of the same quality, at home.

Companies like Rocket Espresso Milano, Mazzer and Quick Mill espresso dedicate themselves to building espresso machines and coffee grinders with commercial capabilities suitable for your home. Their machines are simply a smaller scale version of those huge machines you see in your local coffee shop. Their parts and capabilities are the exact same.

The formula to a quality cup of coffee is not rocket science. There are only 3 things you'll need to create a café quality cup of espresso. All of equal importance. Here they are:

A Quality Espresso Machine 

Investing in a good espresso maker is the first major step to bringing café quality espresso to your kitchen.

For this, we recommend the rocket giotto evoluzione but anything from our shop will do. The best espresso machine will make producing good espresso that much easier. Do your research and figure out which machine will work best for your needs. 

A Quality Coffee Grinder

Next, you'll want a good coffee grinder

Grinders, like the Mazzer mini electronic, produce perfectly ground beans vital to producing quality espresso. There's a reason most coffee shops and cafés use Mazzer - they're the best.


Good, Fresh Beans 

Last, but certainly not least, is the beans. For more information on this, be sure to check out our blog post on selecting coffee beans. 

What beans are best for espresso?