10 Coffee Stats That Will Amaze You

October 18, 2016 0 Comments

"Coffee is a language in itself"

Jackie Chan

I bet this is the first blog you've visited that quoted Jackie Chan, huh? Coffee is a worldwide interest. Everyone has a different morning routine. Some wake up late, some wake up early. Some eat cereal for breakfast, some don't eat breakfast at all. No matter what our routine, it amazes me that coffee is usually involved at some point during our day. Even if you don't consume it, coffee can effect your day. You can smell it on your way to work or maybe your boss has terrible coffee breath.

Coffee is an amazing thing. Here are some facts that will blow your mind:  

$18 Billion

The market for coffee in the United States is 18 billion dollars per e-importz.com.

$4 Billion

The US imports upwards of $4 billion worth of coffee every year. 

3.1 Cups Per Day

The average coffee drinker consumers 3.1 cups of coffee per day.


50% of the USA population, or 162 million people, drink some form of coffee.


The average cup of coffee will cost you $2.38.


The average espresso based drink will cost you $3.45.

Men vs. Women

Men drink just as much coffee as women. Although, women are more concerned with the price they pay.


65% of coffee drinks prefer the addition of cream or sugar while 35% prefer straight black coffee.

Work vs. Relaxation

Women have indicated that have a cup of coffee is a good way to relax while men drink coffee to increase efficiency. 

9 oz 

The average coffee cup is 9 ounces.

**source - e-importz.com**

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