8 Coffee Loving Instagram Accounts to Follow on Instagram

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Most people start their day off with a cup of coffee. Latte, cappuccino, mocha or just a plain shot of espresso if you’re like me – it doesn’t matter. Coffee, whether you realize it or not, is a big part of daily routines. Instagram is a wonderful place for inspiration, stories and even advice. What I love about it is you can see how others are enjoying coffee around the globe and how coffee is incorporated in different cultures & regions. If you’re a coffee lover/enthusiast you probably already follow many coffee themed pages on Instagram. Whether it’s a champion barista, latte art specialist or your favorite espresso machine retailer (cough, cough @cliffandpebble cough, cough), there is plenty of coffee loving Instagram pages spanning the globe. 

Here are our favorites (in no particular order):


  1. @coffeecupsoftheworld

You thought the first would be someone posting awesome photos & videos of bottomless extractions, didn’t you? Or maybe @cliffandpebble? Nope! Coffee Cups of the World is an incredibly unique Instagram account. Featuring shots of the coolest, hippest coffee cups from cafés around the world, this Instagram page has a certain artsy feel to it. Coffee cups are something that goes a little unnoticed, right? Other than Starbucks and their green straws, there aren’t many iconic “to-go” cups out there. Coffee Cups of the World does a great job increasing the awareness of cafés branding efforts.

coffee cups of the world

  1. @dailyespressoshot

Daily Espresso Shot features photos from others worldwide who tag their coffee photos using the hashtag #dailyespressoshot. These types of accounts are great as all they want to do is see others’ coffee shots. Do you have some awesome coffee/espresso photos? Make sure to start using their hashtag and who knows, maybe they’ll choose your shot! This is always a great way to get more real, legitimate followers with similar interests as yours. Instagram is all about engagement & Daily Espresso Shot does a fantastic job!

daily espresso shot instagram

  1. @acmeandco

Acme & Co designs and creates some of the finest espresso & coffee cups in the world. Designed in New Zealand, chances are if you’ve been in a local café recently, you drank out of an Acme cup as they’re distributed worldwide (including to us here at Cliff & Pebble!). Their shots are as beautiful as their cups. Similar to Daily Espresso Shot, Acme frequently re-posts shots if they’re tagged. Just make sure your shot stands out!

acme and co instagram

  1. @coffeenclothes

Have a passion for fashion AND coffee? Coffee ‘n Clothes is just for you! Tag them holding your favorite coffee beverage & best outfit with hashtag #coffeenclothes and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to be featured. We love this one as they pair two completely different industries – coffee & fashion. Full of first person shots, Coffee n Clothes is a page you fashion & coffee addicts can get lost on for hours browsing their impressive collection.

coffee n clothes instagram

  1. @intelligentsiacoffee

Ok. Maybe we’re a little bias on this pick. After all, Intelligentsia is located in our hometown of Chicago. Their page, though, is great. Full of photos and videos from their shops, baristas at work, coffee farms in Africa & South America & much more – there’s a little bit of everything. They also never fail to work their iconic logo into most shots. What I like about their page is it’s pretty clear what they do if you’ve never heard of Intelligentsia – great job from a branding standpoint.

intelligentsia coffee instagram

  1. @appleandcoffee

Nope – this isn’t a page full of shots of coffee and fruit. Actually, it’s full of coffee and electronics from everyone’s favorite tech company – Apple. If you have a website and are in the market for some great stock art, you might want to contact these guys – their page is full of wonderful shots you can just envision on any website homepage or blog. The overall theme of their shots is incredibly calm, relaxed & just simple – just like Apple products.

apple and coffee instagram

  1. @londoncoffeeshops

Ok. Another one I’m bias to since London is my favorite city in the world. London Coffee Shops focuses on informing their followers of the best coffee shops and cafés in London. They do so by posting great photos of coffee, snacks, storefronts and more of all the cafés they visit. London is an incredibly diverse city and so is their page. Full of all different kinds of cafés, if you’re heading over to London and need to find a local café, London Coffee Shops should be your first follow!

london coffee shops instagram

  1. @caffeinecouture

One world comes to mind when browsing Caffeine Couture’s Instagram page – elegant. They simply post photos from coffee shops & bakeries around the world but their photos are usually very detailed, well edited and just gorgeous. If you’re a coffee lover and love to travel, this page is a must follow. I could spend hours on their page & be hard pressed to find an image I don’t like. Well done, guys.

caffeine couture instagram

Did we miss your favorite? 

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