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12 Of The Best Coffee Grinders For 2018 - Your No Bulls&#! Guide

best coffee grinder
Better grind = better coffee. Putting one of these in your kitchen will instantly have you drinking better coffee!

No coffee grinder is the same. No coffee drink is the same either. However you make take your coffee, one thing is for sure - it all starts with your grind. Let's begin our roundup of the best coffee grinders for 2018.

The 12 Best Coffee Grinders Of 2018

1. Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Coffee Grinder - Check Price

best coffee grinder

Pros: Compact, multiple grind settings. Can grind for any brew method.

Cons: Noisy.

Bottom Line: A versatile grinder that won't break the bank from a large brand name that easily makes the best coffee grinder of 2018 list.

One of the most popular grinders around from a brand name you surely know (and probably have something of theirs in your kitchen). At an incredibly economical price point (under $40), the DBM-8 contains multiple grind settings that can be adjusted with the simple turn of a dial. Go from coarse for french press to fine for espresso in seconds.

Containing a MASSIVE grounds container capable of holding grounds for up to 32 cups of coffee, you'll be able to grind for the entire week in one session. Other features include a heavy-duty motor, included scoop and cleaning brush and an 8oz bean hopper (typical coffee bags hold 12oz of coffee). 

2. Mr. Coffee 12 Cup Electric Coffee Grinder - Check Price

best coffee grinder

Pros: Under $15, compact, contains multiple grind settings.

Cons: Not the best build, loud. Blade grinder (we prefer burr). 

Bottom Line: Incredibly affordable coffee grinder and great for those who don't want a mess. Can grind anywhere from 4 to 12 cups!

With a unique, almost futuristic look to it this grinder is even more affordable than the above Cuisinart. Main features include 3 grind settings, an electric motor and the capacity to hold up to 12 cups of coffee grounds. 

Dishwasher safe, easy to clean and contains high-quality blades to effectively grind your beans to perfection to retain all the flavors and aromas of your beans. 

3. KitchenAid Blade Coffee Grinder - Check Price

best coffee grinder

Pros: Draped in stainless steel, compact, durable.

Cons: Low capacity, blade grinder.

Bottom Line: Affordable quality with a powerful motor. Semi-manual operation gives you more control over your grind where the outer casing provides optimal stability and durability. All for under $20.

We typically prefer burr grinders however felt the need to put this one on the list. Blade grinders actually have their own set of benefits as well. This one, while on the small side, is gorgeous and offers durable and powerful performance while grinding your beans quickly!

Features include a removable stainless steel bowl (4 ounces), stainless steel grinding blades with the ability to grind for up to 12 cups of coffee and a clear top cover with one-touch control. Simply push the cover to begin grinding - release to stop.   

4. Capresso 560.01 Conical Burr Grinder - Check Price

best coffee grinder

Pros: Highest quality construction, easy adjustment. Conical burrs. 

Cons: Loud, smaller bean hopper for grinders at this price point.

Bottom Line: A popular favorite, the Capresso contains a commercial-grade conical burr set to ensure maximum flavor. Combined with a powerful motor and easily adjusted settings, this grinder is a no-brainer if you're looking for better coffee. 

Coming to you from the same manufacturer that makes some pretty cool super-automatic espresso machines, this sucker is a tank and has been a popular favorite for coffee enthusiasts for years. A 100-watt conical burr grinder with 16 settings, the Capresso will grind your beans to absolute perfection in seconds. 

Conical burr grinders are known to produce better results as they limit the amount of heat being transferred from your burrs to beans. What this results in is a more full-bodied cup of coffee as more flavor will be retained in your beans. 

5. Baratza Encore Conical Burr Grinder - Check Price

best coffee grinder

Cliff & Pebble is an authorized Baratza retailer. You can purchase this marvel directly from us! See our price >

Pros: High quality German burrs, tons of grind settings

Cons: Not the greatest for grinding coarse (sorry espresso lovers!)

Bottom Line: One of the highest rated entry-level grinders for drip and pour over brewing at home. A massive seller with a stellar reputation from a company that does one thing - build the best coffee grinder.

You've probably seen the encore somewhere. Whether it's your local café that makes your favorite cappuccino or your friends kitchen, this thing is a massive seller. Lauded as THE go-to entry level grinder, the encore is ideal for drip and pour over brew methods. 

Featuring 40 grind settings, an efficient motor and strong casing to keep the noise level down, we promise you won't be disappointed with an encore. Other features include an 8 oz. bean hopper, small footprint and a 450 RPM motor. 

6. JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder (Conical Burr Mill) - Check Price

best coffee grinder

Pros: Mobile & travel sized, adjustable grind settings, ceramic combo burrs

Cons: Manual (need to do some work with this one!).

Bottom Line: There's a reason this sucker has almost 5k reviews on Amazon - it's high quality and affordable. Will take some elbow grease to operate but with it's conical burr set doing most of the work, the end result is on par with some of the highest quality electronic best coffee grinders.

No batteries or outlet needed with the JavaPresse. The first fully manual coffee grinder on our list so far, this grinder features adjustable grind settings suitable for all types of brewing, hand crank usability, a ceramic combo burr set and durable construction. 

It's burr set is said to last 5x longer than any blade grinder out there. Burrs go through three sets of inspection before being put into the grinder. 

7. Breville Smart Grinder - Check Price

best coffee grinder

Pros: High quality, electronic dosing, suitable for all brewing methods.

Cons: A bit on the pricey side.

Bottom Line: All the bells & whistles. For those who want it all. Fancy features, quality burrs and construction make the Breville Smart Grinder one of the best coffee grinders on the market today.

Stainless steel conical burrs have been put in this grinder to minimize grinding heat. What this process does is protects all the oils in your coffee beans to ensure your cup is as flavorful as possible. High RPM, high heat grinders do the opposite. 

With 60 grind settings, an electronic timer and LED read out screen, the Smart Grinder from Breville is the tops. Additional features include a 16oz bean hopper and ability to grind directly into an espresso machine portafilter or grounds container. 

8. Gourmia GCG185 Electric Burr Coffee Grinder - Check Price

best coffee grinder

Pros: 18 cup capacity, fineness selector, timer. 

Cons: Noisy.

Bottom Line: Incredibly easy fineness selector makes this grinder efficient and easy. UL certified too!

Features of this one include a large grinding capacity (18 cups), fineness selector and a safety lock. It's burr set prepares you for precision grinding for any brewing method. Choose from ultra-fine grinds (espresso) or ultra-coarse (french press), the Gourmia will help. 

Unique to this grinder is the safety lock feature. The manufacturer added dual safety locking switches to the bean hopper to make changing beans, cleaning easy, safe and mess-free.

9. Hario Skerton Cerami Coffee Mill - Check Price

best coffee grinder

Pros: Ceramic conical burrs, compact.

Cons: Some elbow grease is required!

Bottom Line: Ergonomically designed crank handle makes this grinder a pleasure to use.

Our second manual grinder to make the list! The Skerton features ceramic conical burrs to ensure a uniform grind. Other features worth noting include a non-slip rubber base that makes sure the grinder stays put during the grinding process - something other manual grinders lack. 

Ideal for the traveling coffee enthusiast, the HARIO Skerton can grind for all types of coffee, fit in any carry-on and won't break the bank. It's compact nature isn't the only benefit as we found it to be incredibly reliable delivering a consistent grind use after use.

10. Bodum BISTRO Blade Grinder - Check Price

best coffee grinder

Pros: Ultra-sleek design, powerful for it's small stature. 

Cons: Blade grinder.

Bottom Line: Looking for the best coffee grinder that's faster than all the others? Look no further.

Blade grinders have their benefits. The most glaring being their speed. They chop up coffee beans quickly. While not as precise as conical burr grinders, they're still efficient. Its powerful motor and grind adjustment capabilities are just a couple more benefits to this grinder. 

11. Aramox Stainless Steel Blade Coffee Grinder - Check Price

best coffee grinder

Pros: Powerful motor, 5 grind settings. 

Cons: Clean up required. 

Bottom Line: An affordable grinder for more than just coffee beans.

Aramox advertises this as more than just a coffee grinder. It can also grind grains & nuts as well. Containing stainless steel blades, a 200-watt motor and ability grind for up to 12 cups of coffee, the value is unbeatable.

12. KitchenAid Burr Coffee Grinder - Check Price

best coffee grinder

Pros: Good looking, powerful, quiet.

Cons: Larger than most coffee grinders.

Bottom Line: Designed for performance and consistency, the KitchenAid not only looks great, it's a real performer.

Containing 15 different grind settings, a glass bean hopper (holds up to 7oz of coffee) and stainless steel burrs, this grinder has it all. Stylish, affordable and built to last, the KitchenAid will stun in any kitchen style on your countertops. 

Other features of this beauty include a low RPM operation, clear top cover with one-touch control, a removable 4oz stainless steel bowl and a die-cast metal design. 

This grinder includes a handheld scoop and burr cleaning brush and is available in multiple colors (onyx black, empire red and contour silver).

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