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6 Best Tea Steepers For 2018

Are you making your morning or afternoon tea properly? These should help!

Tea Steepers And Infusers Are Taking Over - Here Are Our Top 6

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The best tea steepers come in every shape and size imaginable. Steeping and infusion has become popular once again so it's vital that your equipment is up-to-date. Some are built in to timeless teapots while others fit perfectly on top of your travel mug. Oh and some are dinosaurs. Yes, we tested a tea steeper in the shape of dinosaur. Beyond the shape and size we also were impressed with the quality materials being used in modern tea steepers and tea infusers.

Our main buying factors were material choice, size and the ability to steep both extra fine loose leaf teas and larger variants. Beyond that we tried to include multiple options in terms of size and portability.

Here are our top 6 best tea steeper options:

1. Finum (63/421.60.00) Brewing Basket -


Finum has one of the best selling brewing baskets on the market and for good reason. It is built with 18/10 stainless-steel mesh and the basket is framed with high quality heat resistant plastic. The basket keeps loose leaf tea out of your drink while still allowing the oils and flavor to steep through. Overall this is a high quality, easy to clean and durable tea steeper that will make your tea brewing process easier and more efficient.

2. FORLIFE Brew-in-Mug Extra-Fine Tea Infuser with Lid -


The FOR LIfe Brew-in-Mug is a great option for those that are looking for an extra fine tea steeper or infuser that fits directly into your mug. This is a perfect choice for those that are on the go but want a high quality freshly brewed cup of tea. If you flip the lid it also acts as an infuser holder for even more convenience. Overall, this is the best option for tea enthusiasts on the go.

3. Hario Cha Cha Kyusu"Maru" Tea Pot -


In Japanese Hario means “King of Glass”. That is exactly what you get with the tea pot with the best tea steeper. From the design to the ease of cleaning this is a pure classic that will brew great tea for generations. The only thing holding this tea steeper back from being our top choice is the size. For many the on the go brew in mug options would be a more practical choice. This is more of a show piece to brew for company.

4. Black Teavana Perfectea Maker: 16oz -


There aren’t many times that we can be surprised by both simplicity and innovation at the same time. The Teavana Perfectea maker does that and then some. It is simple in that it is just a tea steeper that can fit on a mug but the tea straining process is truly unique. We also appreciated the ease of cleaning and the durable construction. Overall, a great option for those looking for a high quality tea steeper with an advanced tea straining process.

5. Tilevo Tea Infuser Set of 2 - Dinosaur Loose Leaf Tea Infusers with Long Handle Neck & Cute Ball Body Lake Monster Silicone Tea Strainer & Steeper with Gift Box -


If you are a tea enthusiast and your friends know it then you probably have seen this frequently gifted pair of tea steepers. The design is cute and whimsical but the actual tea infuser is pretty well made. We were able to steep both loose leaf and large Oolong leaf style teas with ease. If you are purchasing a tea steeper as a gift this would be a great fun choice.

6. Yoassi Extra Fine FDA Approved -


Yoassi offers a no frills high quality stainless steel tea steeper that won’t hurt your wallet all that much. We appreciated the simplistic design and lack of plastic. This made for a easier clean up process and you would never have to worry about odor retention or flavor distortion. Overall, this is a great option for those looking for an at home tea steeper that will last forever.

No matter which tea steeper you choose we are sure that you will be enjoying a better cup of tea next time.

Recap - Our Top 6 Best Tea Steepers And Infusers For 2018