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Coffee Pod Machines - Your No Bull 2018 Guide

Did a single Nespresso machine make the list?

Coffee Pod Machines - Your No-Nonsense Guide

Coffee pod machines rose to popularity for both their convenience and price point. Offering a decent brew and more time for your morning routine made this a top choice for many households. With the rise in popularity came increasing competition to the original coffee pod machine. Competition came in both price and in features. Some coffee pod makers now rival high end brewing machines with the amount of control you have during the brewing process.

With so many choices out on the market we searched for the best options suitable for both home users and office settings.

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Best Pod Coffee Machines For You In 2018

1. Single Cup Coffee Maker by Mixpresso - $76


Flexibility and capacity are the Mixpresso’s best features. You can brew multiple pod formats including the K-cup and Mixpresso’s own line of pod flavors. The large water reservoir means you can brew up to 6 cups of coffee at once. This makes it a great option for large households or an office setting.

2. Keurig K55/K-Classic Coffee Maker - $84


The Keurig K55 is one of the best selling at home coffee makers regardless of the brew process. That popularity also means you have a multitude of flavor and roast options to choose from. The large reservoir makes 6 cups of coffee and the easy to use programmable brewing settings allow for different cup sizes to be brewed. While not as big as the office pro model below we still think this Keurig option is great for small offices or home use.

3. Keurig K155 Office Pro Single Cup Commercial K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker - $220


A sleek design is paired with modern technology to provide a great addition to your contemporary office setting or kitchen. The large reservoir means you can brew up to 18 cups at once! That might be overkill for many at home users but perfect for an office setting or commercial lobby owners wanting to impress their customers.  

4. Hamilton Beach Stay or Go Personal Cup Pod Coffee Maker - $95


The Hamilton Beach Stay or Go is the perfect option for those who need the most convenience possible. You can take this coffee pod machine with you on the road or take advantage of its small size in smaller kitchens. We love that you can brew straight into your coffee mug. A great feature for those who do not want to interrupt or prolong their morning routine.

5. SENSEO Original XL Coffee Pod Machine - $138


The Senseo coffee pod machine is loaded with advanced brewing features that are often overlooked by other manufacturers. One such technology is the high capacity water dispenser they call the coffee booster. This spreads the water throughout the roast to ensure a rich and smooth flavor.  

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6. Keurig K475 Single Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Maker - $249


The Keurig K475 is one of the best looking and most feature packed at home coffee pod brewers on the market. It comes loaded with high end features like temperature control and brew strength control. If you are looking for a truly high end coffee experience this is as close it comes for coffee pod machines. Not only will you get a high caliber cup of coffee your kitchen will get a nice addition with the sleek vintage design that is often lacking with other models.

Now that we know what coffee pod machines are worth taking a look at let's remind ourselves of some of the pros and cons to owning a coffee pod machine.  

Advantages of a coffee pod machine:

  • Variety of flavors and roasts
  • Ease of cleanup
  • Single cup servings for less waste
  • Quick brewing process


  • Limited brew process control for most units
  • Coffee pods are expensive
  • Lots of plastic waste

While there are many positives to a coffee pod machine they might not be the best option for high end coffee drinkers looking for the absolute best coffee experience. That being said they are a great option for at home or office users looking for an easy set it and forget it coffee brewing machine.

Why No Nespresso Coffee Machines On The List?

Nespresso is no doubt the most recognized brand. I mean, with a sponsor like George Clooney how could it not be? 


Well, we left Nespresso off for one reason - cost. While their machines aren't more expensive than any on our list (some are even cheaper), the cost of constantly re-buying their pods and coffee capsules become excessive. Similar to the money most waste at Starbucks every year, buying a Nespresso machine may seem like you're saving money but in the long run - we beg to differ.

Other Coffee Pod Machines To Look At