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Here's How the Rocket R60 Will Improve Your Mornings

rocket r60

This beauty from Rocket Espresso is pretty much a commercial espresso machine. In fact, that's almost a literal statement. What Rocket has done here is taken the pressure profiling from their commercial machines and placed in it a domestic model to bring you the Rocket R60. This unit is for those who want the best, all the bells & whistles, and is willing to pay for it. After all, the Rocket R60 will set you back a cool $4,550. 

Featuring dual stainless steel boilers, commercial pressure profiling with three programmable profiles, the R60 gives you everything you'll need to make coffee worthy of an espresso-loving king. Even cooler, it can all be controlled via a smartphone app or included PID controller - something I don't think is available on any other prosumer espresso machine (the smartphone app that is, this beauty from Rocket also contains a remote PID!).

Rocket R60 As Seen on Instagram

How is it different than the R58?

This is an important question to answer since the R58 can save you $1,750. Both machines are dual boilers, both contain a remote PID, both contain a commercial rotary pump. So what's different?

Pressure profiling. 

The Rocket R60 contains commercial pressure profiling while the R58 is just a plain old dual boiler (a pretty cool one at that, though!). Pressure profiling allows you to design your espresso shots to your exact specifications and tweak them as you like. The R60 contains three separate programmable profiles that can be stored for easy access. These profiles consist of 5 separate stages throughout the brewing process that can be adjusted to your preferences.

Key Features of the Rocket R60

rocket r60

Smartphone Capable

The R60V contains WI-FI. You'll be able to control your espresso machine from your phone with the Rocket Espresso app. When Rocket first released the R60 the app was only available for android. Good news for all the iPhone folks out there - it's now available on iOS devices! Here's what you'll be able to do: 

  • Turn on/off
  • Adjust both boiler temperatures
  • Change the language (not sure why you would, but you can!)
  • Turn the service boiler off (steam boiler)
  • Switch between the internal water source or plumbed - the Rocket R60 can be plumbed directly to your water source. 
  • Program, move between and adjust your three profiles 

rocket r60

Commercial-grade Rotary Pump

So what's the big advantage to having a commercial rotary pump, right? Espresso machines with a vibratory pump are certainly cheaper so why do I need a rotary pump? 

Rotary pumps are much quieter and hold pressure much better. What this means for you is a more consistent cup of espresso time after time. Vibratory pumps aren't crazy loud but when compared to a rotary pump, the decimal level is certainly distinguishable. With a Rocket R60 you can adjust the pressure to your exact specifications and play around with it to see what works the best for you. 

Other espresso machines with a rotary pump:

Dual Stainless Steel Boilers

Having a dual boiler espresso machine means you'll have a machine that's constantly operating at it's highest potential. In comparison to single boilers where there's only one boiler responsible for both brewing and steam, dual boilers have just that - dual boilers. Each boiler on the Rocket R60 works independently for both brewing and steaming ensuring pressure is never lost and always operating at full capacity.

If you're looking to brew and steam simultaneously, you'll be wanting a dual boiler. A single boiler HX (heat exchanger) does allow you the comfort to to this however because there is only one boiler, some pressure is going to be lost. You won't ever have that problem with a dual boiler.

Other dual boiler espresso machines:

dual boiler espresso machines

The Pros

  • Pressure Profiling
  • Dual Boiler
  • Smartphone App
  • Remote PID
  • Beautiful
  • Height Adjustable Feet
  • Stainless Steel Cup Rack (no more plastic!)
  • Special Club - Each Rocket R60 has it's serial number carved on the face of the machine

The Cons

  • Size - Due to the fact that this machine can be plumbed directly to your water source, the machine required more space on the bottom making it larger than most machines. The Rocket R60 does, however, contain height adjustable feet (new to 2017) giving you the ability to raise or lower it up to an entire inch. 
  • Premium Price - it certainly isn't cheap!

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