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June 04, 2018

Top 5 Drip Coffee Makers For 2018

These are not your Dad’s drip coffee makers. Admittedly we love the process behind making coffee. Whether it be a pour over that will impress all your friends or a french press that will impress your taste buds, we love the craft of coffee making. That being said drip coffee makers have come a long way and some produce coffee that can rival high end coffee houses.

Drip Coffee Makers Are Still The Best

Drip coffee makers have gotten smarter and more people are requesting them due to the ease of use and upgraded features compared to traditional makes. Imagine a great cup of coffee full of flavor that basically brews itself as you go through your morning routine. Sounds too good to be true? Well here is exactly what to look for when purchasing a new drip coffee maker.

What Makes A Good Drip Coffee Maker?

drip coffee maker

Brew Strength

Many units come with a brew strength control that you can dial in to find the best balance of flavor. Some may find this feature useful when making multiple pots of coffee for many people with varying coffee preferences. Even if you are just making it for yourself we recommend finding a coffee maker with this feature as some roasts may be overpowering and you can tone it down to your likes.

Water Filter

Purified water removes contaminants that could alter the flavor of your roast. Most drip coffee makers come with a water filter but the real high end ones actually purify the water. This may seem trivial but during our taste tests between each unit we could all notice the difference.

Temperature Controls

Coffee brews best at certain temperatures and it is important to be able to set, control and monitor the temperature throughout the brewing process. We recommend a temperature range of 195 to 205 and the ability to accurately monitor this is essential to a consistently tasty brew.

Pre Soak

We recommend passing on any drip coffee maker that does not have widely dispersed water jets. It is important to have the roast evenly moist throughout the brewing process. Pre soaking is even better. This allows the roast to be monitored prior to getting started so you know without a doubt that your roast is perfect.

Top 5 Best Drip Coffee Makers For 2018 - Our Favorites

Now that we know what to look for here are 5 drip coffee makers to consider:

OXO On Barista Brain 9 Cup Coffee Maker - ~$226

oxo 8 cup drip coffee maker

The offering from OXO is jam packed with features that would make units 5 times the price blush. Most impressive among all the features is the Microprocessor-controlled brew cycle which is said to simulate the pour over process and produce SCAA-certified perfect coffee. If you want a feature packed offering at a great price we highly recommend this drip coffee maker. 

Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control - $275

breville grind control drip coffee maker

At close to $300 for a drip maker we were somewhat skeptical that it was worth the hefty price tag. Once we ran down the product features we were certainly impressed. The Breville not only controls water temperature accurately but also allows for custom grind size so you can experiment and optimize the grinding depending on your bean. This is a great option for those who try many different types of beans and need exacting grind control.

Behmor 5393 Brazen Plus Temperature Control Coffee Maker - $145

behmor drip coffee maker

The Behmor has a ton of control for those who like to be…. in control. Exacting temperature control and a unique pulsating pre soak feature ensures a perfect brew from a fully bloomed coffee. For those who travel or live at altitude fear not. This coffee dripper has an altitude adjuster so you won’t be disappointed when brewing at your mountain cabin or underground bunker.

Brew Express BEC-110BS - $299

brew express drip coffee maker

If you are brewing coffee for an army this may be the best choice. On demand hot water allows you to keep brewing pot after pot as you don’t have to wait for water to heat up. This is a pretty clever feature that makes it standout among the competition.

Technivorm Moccamaster 59691 KB - $299


If you are like me you drink your coffee fast. For those that may need more time to enjoy their brew we highly recommend the Moccamaster. Why? Well, you have 100 minutes of optimal coffee with their built in hot plate and glass carafe.

Any of these units will make a great addition to your brewing arsenal. This one will allow you to get through your morning routine a little easier!

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