Eureka Atom 75 vs. Ceado E37S

Both contain massive burrs. And when I say massive, I mean it. 75mm on the Atom, a whopping 83mm on the E37S. So, which is right for you? Both contain electronic dosing. Both contain stepless adjustment. Both grinders have heavy-duty casings making them both incredibly quiet. 

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Eureka Atom - Three Models

First things first - it's important to note that the Atom comes in three different models. The 60, 65, and 75. Each number referring to the burr size of the grinder. 


75mm Burrs (Atom 75) vs. 83mm Burrs (Ceado)

Larger burrs translates to the following:

  • Faster Grind Speed
  • Higher Levels of Consistency
  • Better Grind Retention

All that being said, 75mm burrs on the Atom 75 is still pretty huge compared to other grinders in this range.

It's important to note however that the Atom 75 delivers better flavor per consumer reviews. At the end of the day, this is what most are going for right? 

However, the grind retention is also something to pay attention to. 

Grind retention refers to the amount of the coffee bean the grinder retains or grinds. Grinders with poor retention are those that spit coffee bean particles everywhere and make a mess - like this cheapo on Amazon.

Perhaps the biggest thing to pay attention to here is consistency.

You will find the E37S to be more consistent due to the larger burrs. This has been consistently reported from those who have had the pleasure to try out both grinders side-by-side.  

Do Looks Matter?

One of the most common knocks we see on Ceado grinders is their appearance. While this of course won't have any effect on the performance of their products, they do appear a bit bulky.

Eureka grinders, on the other hand, has placed a little more value in the aesthetics of their grinders. With sleeker, more traditional lines, and heavy-duty aluminum construction, Eureka grinders are a joy to look at. 

If you're putting one of these grinders in a commercial setting, who cares what it looks like as long as it's reliable. 

But, if you're putting it in your home where others are going to see, Eureka may be the brand for you. Good looking, well-built, and will compliment any prosumer espresso machine beautifully.

 Should I Care About RPM Speed of Burrs?

Atom 75 RPM speed - 1400 RPM

Ceado E37S RPM speed - 1480 RPM

As you can see, the Ceado has a higher burr RPM speed. Is this a good thing? Or bad? 

Grinder manufacturers care about one thing when designing a new grinder - creating a grind that results in higher, more even extractions. 

Faster burr speeds typically delivers finer grinds so you'd think for espresso grinding this would be a positive. Barista Hustle ran an experiment to get to the bottom of all this and the results were interesting.

Beyond making the grind finer, higher RPM speeds had a direct effect on extraction times. This makes sense. A finer grind is going to result in slower extraction times which, in turn, will have a direct effect on the taste of your espresso. 

A Full Comparison

Atom 75 E37S
PRICE from $1,349 $1,700
Size 75mm 83mm
Material Flat Stainless Steel Flat Stainless Steel
Speed 1400 RPM 1450 RPM
Wattage 800W 500W
Voltage 110V 110V
Type Stepless, Turn Dial Stepless, Quick Set
Touch Screen Yes Yes
Programmable Yes, by time Yes, by time
Programmable Profiles 2 3
Material Aluminum Plastic
Insulation Yes Yes
Height 17.25 inches 17.60 inches
Width 7.0 inches 8.34 inches
Depth 9.0 inches 9.85 inches

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