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The Eureka Atom Grinder - 14 Reasons You’ll Want It In 2018

Made by a grinder giant for serious coffee drinkers. This thing is good.

The Eureka Atom Grinder Is Taking Over - 14 Reasons You Need It

When it comes to making café-quality coffee at home one thing is for certain - your grind is of vital importance. Here at Cliff & Pebble we have a saying - poor grinder = poor coffee. It’s really that simple. That’s why we rarely, if ever, recommend purchasing pre-ground coffee at your local supermarket. You need beans that are fresh and roasted properly within the last month to produce the best cup possible. Also, stay away from Starbucks beans - they’re crap.

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Eureka does one thing - manufacture high quality coffee grinders. No espresso machines, no accessories - just grinders. Other top performing brands, like Rocket Espresso, have even entrusted grinder making to Eureka for one reason - they’re the best. We love companies that focus on one product as it means all their time and energy is focused on constantly making their grinders better than the rest.


Eureka Atom Grinder - The Reasons

1. 60mm Flat Steel Burrs

An all purpose grinder with a heavy focus on espresso grinding, the Eureka Atom grinder contains large flat steel burrs. Larger burrs translates to higher levels on consistency on a daily basis bringing you better coffee more regularly.

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2. Low RPM Motor Makes It QUIET

The Atom contains a 1350 RPM motor making this sucker one of the quietest grinders we’ve ever come across. If your current grinder tends to wake up the kids or even your neighbors, it may be time to look at something a little quieter - the Atom.

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3. Heavy-Duty Insulation

Eureka wanted the Atom to be quiet. Well, they succeeded. In addition to the low RPM motor, they added some heavy-duty insulation to lower the noise level even further. The result? One of the quietest yet most efficient all around grinders on the market today.

4. A Sexy Beast

The Eureka Atom, available in many different colors (chrome, matte black and grey), is a sexy grinder. While it’s footprint may be larger than others it will dazzle in any style of kitchen next to any espresso machine or will hold its own by itself.

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5. Programmable To A Tee

Typical to most espresso grinders today, the Atom can be programmed based on time. With a single and double shot option in addition to manual grinding, you can dial your grinder in based on time to produce the best shot possible every time.

Programmable grinders reduce waste, save time and increase efficiency during the espresso making process.

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6. A Large Screen You’ll LOVE

The Atom contains a large, high-quality digital screen to help you monitor your grinder during use or change it’s settings on the fly. Below the screen you’ll find an incredibly simple button design to adjust programs or grind manually with ease.

7. Small Grind Adjustment Dial

Adjusting your grind on the Atom is easier than ever. With a volume switch-like dial, simply turn it in either direction to adjust the burr set. We’ve found Eureka’s dial adjustment system to be the best ever when compared to competing manufacturers like Mazzer (a wheel-like turn dial which can be stubborn at times leading to clogging, inconsistencies and a mess).

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8. Hands Free Grinding Experience

After you’ve dialed it in and programmed it, the Atom will do all the work for you. Complete with an adjustable portafilter holder, grinding for espresso becomes easy and hands free. Simply insert your portafilter, select your desired pre-programmed program and sit back - the Atom will take it from there.

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9. Heavy-Duty Aluminum Casing

The Atom is essentially a commercial grinder shrunken down in size for your kitchen. And if Eureka didn’t add enough components to make it quiet (insulation, low RPM motor) the outer aluminum casing will take care of any unwanted noise during operation. Grinder manufacturers these days tend to cheap out when it comes to the casing. Not Eureka.

10. HUGE Bean Hopper - 1.3 lb Capacity

Ever woken up in the morning, waited for your espresso machine to heat up and realize you’re grinder is out of beans. Annoying, right? The Atom contains a 1.3 lb capacity bean hopper reducing the amount of times you’ll need to refill it. A conveniency that often goes overlooked during the buying process. Our advice? Don’t overlook the bean hopper!

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11. Not Only Is It Quiet, It’s FAST

What’s that? The Atom is quiet AND fast? That’s right. We didn’t think it would get any quicker than the Sette 270 from Baratza but man, the Atom is quick. Some have even reported grinding for a double shot in just over 5 seconds! Combine it’s quickness with the quiet operation and you have a truly unbeatable grinder.

12. Keeping It Simple - Easy Operation

Perhaps the most beneficial feature of the Eureka Atom Grinder is its usability. With it’s large screen and evenly laid out buttons, switching between a single and double shot or going manually is easy and painless. Adjusting the timed programs and grind size is a breeze too.

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13. Cleaning Is a Breeze With a Removable Top Burr

Another feature that often goes overlooked in cleaning. While the Atom is overall an incredibly clean grinder, regular maintenance does including cleaning out the burrs on occasion (unless you want it to crap out quicker). Eureka has made the top burr removable making cleaning easy and seamless. A massively wonderful feature - trust us.

14. Settings Will Be Saved - Even After Cleaning

On grinders that aren’t the Atom, your settings and time spent dialing the grinder is are completely lost after you remove the burrs for cleaning or maintenance. Not so on the Atom as the adjustments come from the bottom burrs rather than the top. This means your setting will be saved even after cleaning.

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