Fall Series - Cinnamon Roll Latte

Fall Series

Part 1 - Honey Bee Latte

Part 2 - Dirty Chai Latte

Part 3 - Pumpkin Cappuccino

Part 4 - Apple Cinnamon Cappuccino

Up next, the Cinnamon roll latte. Two of my favorite things. Cinnamon rolls and coffee. A symphony of flavor.

Cinnamon Roll Latte


  • 1 tbs. Cinnamon Syrup
  • 1 tbs. Cheesecake Syrup 
  • Steamed Milk 
  • 2 Shots Espresso
  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • Whipped Cream


  1. Combine syrups and milk in milk frothing pitcher
  2. Steam milk/syrup combination
  3. Pour into a latte glass or mug of choice
  4. Brew your shots of espresso
  5. Add espresso to mug
  6. Garnish with a cinnamon stick, whipped cream and cinnamon
  7. Enjoy!