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Fall is here.


The leaves are falling, the weather is changing and there always seems to be a certain desire to grab a tasty, warm cup of coffee or tea and snuggle by the fire in your favorite sweater. This time of year is filled with warm clothes, football, hayrides and of course, warm drinks. For me, the vanilla latte has and always will be my drink of choice but this time of year, I like to change things up a bit to revel in the season.


This week I’ll be posting my favorite fall drinks. Up first, the Honey Bee Latte!


Honey Bee Latte

honey bee latte recipe

(photo credit: five and spice) 

I bet you thought I’d start with a pumpkin spiced latte, huh? Nope. But have no fear; I’ll go over plenty of pumpkin-based drinks in the coming days!


  • 1 tbs. honey

  • Espresso (double or single shot, depending on your preference)

  • Steamed, Foamed Milk

  • Nutmeg




  • Start by placing the honey at the bottom of your favorite seasonal mug or glass. This one is appropriate for the season! 
  • Pull your shots of espresso and pour over the honey. Stir
  • Steam your milk making sure there is a sufficient amount of foam
  • Pour your milk into the mug
  • Top with nutmeg
  • Drink and enjoy!



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