October 17, 2017

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There are plenty of coffee subscription services out there. Some good, some bad. Today, we'll go over our favorites, what they cost, what they offer and how to sign up. Fresh roasted coffee services are a wonderful way to make sure you never run out of coffee. For me personally, I rely on my espresso to wake me up in the morning so there's nothing worse than waking up to find the coffee jar empty! 

Why a Fresh Roasted Coffee Subscription Service?

In todays world, almost everything is automated & almost everything can be done online. Ordering your groceries is no exception. We services like Peapod and Amazon Fresh (our favorite), the need to physically get in the car to go to the store is decreasing everyday.

Before these services, I personally always found myself running out of coffee & forgetting to go to the store to get more. If you're a forgetful fool like me, a fresh roasted coffee subscription service is just what you need. There are plenty out there offering different types of beans, intervals between bags, prices and more. Before we get into our favorites, let's go over why a subscription service can help you and your morning coffee routine. 


Coffee is fresh

This is an essential, yet often overlooked, aspect of creating great tasting coffee. No matter what brew method you use, you need fresh roasted coffee beans. Anything roasted over a month ago, should be immediately tossed. Ideally, you want your coffee to be as fresh as possible. When purchasing coffee in a supermarket, most overlook the roast dates mainly because, well, most companies (Starbucks, cough cough), don't even place roast dates on their bags. Avoid these like the plague. Don't buy anything that was roasted over a month ago - just don't. 

You Don't Have to do Anything

This is the obvious one. The conveniency is off the charts. Set up your plan, pick your coffee and sit back - fresh roasted coffee will be delivered right to your doorstep as often or as little as you'd like. What a world we live in!

Your might find something you never knew existed

What's great about a coffee subscription service is you'll be able to try beans not typically found in your local supermarket. Different blends, origins, flavor profiles & more. There's more to coffee at home than terrible burnt Starbucks beans that you're most likely buying in the store - trust me. Sign up for one of these services and you'll never be buying crappy beans again!

Our Favorite Fresh Roasted Coffee Services

Blue Bottle Coffee


Cost - $8-$40 per shipment

Free trial? Yes

Assortments Available? Yes

Coffee Types - Assortments, blends, single origin, espresso, decaf

User Experience - Website is incredibly easy to use. Blue Bottle sends frequent updates before your next shipment goes out and allows you to change you beans should you want to. You can also cancel a shipment (and not be charged) should you find you not needing your beans - a very convenient feature. 

Blue Bottle Coffee is incredibly easy to use and the coffee is good. Blue Bottle, unlike some services, is an actual roaster. Instead of using other roaster's beans, they send you their own. We recommend starting out with one of their assorted packs. You can send coffee as often as you like or as little - up to you.  

You can send up to 3 12oz bags for $40/shipment plus shipping. Depending on what you're currently buying in stores, beans of this quality will cost you on average $18 per 12oz bag. That's $54 plus tax in a store. Blue Bottle will save you money and a trip to the store.

Bean Box


Cost - $18-$21 month

Free Trial? No

Assortments Available? Yes

Coffee Types - light, medium, dark, espresso, decaf

User Experience - Website is easy to use. Subscriptions are clear and easy. Bean Box does a bulk of the work here making their subscription service incredibly popular. 

Bean Box is a little different than Blue Bottle. They handpick beans from Seattle roasters to send to their subscribers. The speciality coffee scene is massive in the Pacific Northwest and these guys know their coffee. 

With Bean Box you can pre-pay for an annual subscription and save 15%. 

Amazon Fresh

Cost - Varies (depending on bean choice), $14.99/month fee. Only available to Amazon Prime members. 

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

Now here's a name you probably know - Amazon. 

With Amazon fresh, you can purchase and even subscribe to have your coffee (or any grocery) delivered straight to your door for only a $14.99/month subscription fee. What's great about Amazon fresh is the fact that you can choose your beans from your favorite roaster (assuming their beans are sold on Amazon). More roasters seem to slowly be appearing on Amazon.  

Featured roasters on Amazon - Intelligentsia, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Peets, Illy, Lavazza, Tim Hortons and many, many more. 

User Experience - If you've ever used Amazon before you know how easy it can be. Especially if all your information is already stored in your Amazon account. The only downside is you need to be a prime member - an additional cost but well worth it if you buy on Amazon a good amount. 

Can I Just go directly to the roaster? 


Most roasters have created their own subscription services. For example, Stumptown Coffee Roasters. This bean giant offers a subscription service for as low as $16/month. To find if your preferred roaster is available, simply visit their website and look around. 

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