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Are There Advantages To A Hand Coffee Grinder?

hand coffee grinder
Spoiler alert - yes, there sure are!

Benefits Of A Hand Coffee Grinder

Grinders and the quality of your grind are without a doubt one of the most important factors to brewing quality coffee. You can spend thousands on an awesome espresso machine and pair it with a cheap, poorly made grinder and that machine will instantly become a nice, expensive piece of art in your kitchen. It's absolutely essential to have a quality grinder in your kitchen (unless you like bad coffee!). A hand coffee grinder, while not as flashy as an electronic one, contains many benefits that shouldn't go overlooked. 

1. Even The Best Hand Coffee Grinder Is Incredibly Affordable

You can spend up to $3k on an electronic grinder for your home. No seriously - you can. As one of the largest dealers in the USA for Mazzer grinders, we know a thing or twelve about grinders. Even if you have the stomach (and the cash) to pull the trigger on one of those guys, is it even worth it? Can a hand coffee grinder produce the same results? In short - yes, but it'll take some work. What a manual grinder won't do, however, is break the bank. 

Our Favorite Hand Coffee Grinder - Hario Ceramic & Wood Hand Grinder - $74

hario hand coffee grinder

Coming in at only $74, this grinder from Hario is more than just a pretty grinder, it's a darn good one too. 

Bottom Line: The Hario Hand Coffee Grinder is aesthetically pleasing and well built. Benefits of this grinder include great consistency, easy to control & clean. 

2. Hand Coffee Grinders Are Consistent

Consistency is key to creating café-quality coffee time and time again. Even more so than buying fresh beans. Grounds needs to be the same size in order for them to dissolve at the same rate. Uneven grounds will result in a poor tasting, unfulfilled cup of coffee - no bueno. 

Blade vs. Burr

The majority of manual grinders are burr - a good things. Very, very good. 

Blade grinders, while cheaper, simply chop up your coffee grounds while a burr grinder will evenly grind them for a much more satisfying flavor profile in which all the flavors and aromas from your beans are perfectly retained during the brewing process. 

A burr grinder, in short, offers higher levels of consistency and will ensure of full-bodied cup of coffee. Blade grinder, on the other hand, won't. Our advice - stay away from blade grinders. 

Bottom Line: Hand coffee grinders are incredibly consistent when compared to some overpriced electronic dosing grinders. Stay away from blade grinders like the plague.

3. Hand Coffee Grinders Are Portable & Don't Require An Outlet!

Live life on the go and absolutely need your coffee? A hand grinder is just what you need. Combine it with an aeropress and you'll be making coffee wherever you may be. Just don't forget some beans!

hand coffee grinder

pictured: Handground Precision Hand Coffee Grinder

Bottom Line: Hand grinders can be taken anywhere. They're typically small, portable and able to fit in most carry-ons. As a bonus - they don't require an outlet to operate!

4. Hand Coffee Grinders Aren't Noisy Buggars 

Believe us, there are some noisy coffee grinders out there. If you have little ones in the house that you'd like to avoid waking up too early, a hand coffee grinder is for you!

hand coffee grinders aren't loud

Electronic Grinders Can Be Incredibly Loud

Bottom Line: if you want peace and quiet, don't get an electronic grinder - opt for a hand coffee grinder.