"Every Sip is Worse" Here's How Bad Starbucks Espresso Tastes

April 27, 2017 0 Comments

It's no secret we here at Cliff & Pebble despise Starbucks coffee. They burn their beans, they aren't fresh, their drinks are incredibly overpriced but worst of all, they don't make espresso the way it's supposed to be done. If you have a grinder attached to your espresso machine - you aren't doing it right! Take note, Starbucks. 

Check out this video from the guys at Buzz Feed.

They visit three different coffee shops in San Francisco (Starbucks included) and taste 3 different espressos. Can you guess which is the best? 

They start off by interviewing a barista at Blue Bottle Coffee (people who make espresso the right way). The barista gives them a list of things to look for when tasting and he nails it. Here's what he said to look, and taste, for: 

  • Aroma
  • Acidity 
  • Impact (how it hits you)
  • Body
  • Wow Factor
  • Adventure

We LOVE this list of things to look for as it goes over everything you need to look for when comparing espressos. They even go into whether or not an espresso shot can have a "sex appeal". 

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