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Is it time to kick your Starbucks habit? 

Lets take a look!

Let's say you go to Starbucks on a daily basis and order a grande (16oz) cappuccino. Depending on where you are, it'll cost you around $3.65.

So, the amount of cash you throw at Starbucks on a yearly basis would be....

$3.65 x 365 days = $1,332.25

Your own espresso machine will cost you on average $1,300 - a one time charge. Already you can see it'll pay to invest in your own home espresso machine.

But, you'll most likely need more than just the machine. If your machine isn't fully automatic, you'll be needing a coffee grinder, like the mazzer mini.

In addition, if you care about the taste of your coffee, it's better to go with your own machine. Yes, I know how convenient Starbucks is but its also costly. Don't let the price of a rocket espresso machine scare you. In the long run - it's well worth it!


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