How to get Starbucks Gold Status After Just One Purchase

July 21, 2017 0 Comments

We here at Cliff & Pebble aren't all that fond of coffee giant Starbucks. We know our top rated espresso machines make coffee twice and good and save you thousands in the long-run. 

But we also understand the obsession with Starbucks. So there's great news for all you Sbux fans out there! Starbucks is giving you Gold status after just one purchase. That's right, it isn't a typo. Make one purchase between now and July 31st and you'll automatically get it's highest level of status. No registration required. All you need to do is have a profile/account and use the app or registered card to get the status. Just don't act like this guy at your local Starbucks.

starbucks gold status

Normally, it takes 300 stars to reach Gold status with Starbucks - where each dollar spent is worth 2 stars. So, you'd normally need to spend $150 to earn Gold status. Gold is the next level up from beginner (green status) which is free and given to you immediately after signing up. At green, you get a free drink on your birthday, ordering ahead rights, free re-fills (in store) and the ability to pay by phone. Gold status gets you all of that in addition to monthly double-star days, a personalized gold card (yes, an actual card) and a reward (free drink) with every 125 stars you earn. 

If you frequent Starbucks, Gold status is a pretty nice perk (a $150 value). 

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