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We've all gone into our local coffee shop, ordered up a latte or cappuccino and received something more than what we ordered - a piece of art. The most amazing part is how easily the barista does it. If you've ever tried to do it yourself you know its anything but easy. But with a little practice and proper technique, latte art can be mastered and you too can create beautiful works of art in your coffee at home. Here's how:

What You'll Need 

Step by Step Guide

  1. Grind your beans - you'll need a fine grind for espresso 
  2. Dose & Tamp
  3. Pull your espresso shots 
  4. Fill your milk steaming pitcher half way full
  5. Turn on steam wand, aerate (have your steam wand just slightly emerged into the milk) for about 3 seconds - no longer!
  6. Submerge your steam wand to get the milk into a whirlpool action
  7. Ideal milk is about 150 degrees. Use a thermometer or stop when the pitcher is so hot you can't touch it
  8. Tap the pitcher to destroy any bubbles 
  9. Pour - start high and tilt your coffee cup. Then lower the milk pitcher when cup is half full
  10. Fill cup until a white layer begins to form 
  11. Make your design by moving the milk pitcher (side to side for a heart)
  12. Enjoy!

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