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How To Make The Best Iced Coffee

How To Make The Best Iced Coffee

Here at Cliff & Pebble we know how important that first cup of coffee can be in the morning. Thats why all the products we carry are of the highest quality. Rocket Espresso Machines and Mazzer Conical Burr Coffee Grinders set the standard for coffee products and are a must to create that perfect cup.

Producing a good cup of coffee can be a challenge. Iced coffee can be even more difficult, especially if you plan on taking it out of the house with you (keeping it cold is tricky!). Here's a nifty way to make sure your iced coffee stays cool on your morning commute.

  1. Pull some shots of espresso using your home espresso machine and coffee grinder the night before.
  2. Allow the espresso to cool by pouring your shots into ice cube trays.
  3. When you wake up the next morning, take your freshly chilled shots of espresso and pop them out. Place them in your desired mug or cup.
  4. Add cold milk, sugar, sweetener, cinnamon or whatever you want into your cup to take with you.
  5. Go about your morning with your coffee. By the time you get to wherever it is you're going, your cup with be properly chilled as the espresso cubes will have melted. 
  6. Magnifico! You've got some iced coffee to help start your day! 
  7. Indulge and enjoy!

Espresso Ice Cubes