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May 23, 2017

First things first, the Mazzer Super Jolly is a commercial espresso grinder but this isn't to say you can't place it in your home, you can. The only issue? It would be massive! Coming in at a whopping 24 inches tall, this commercial espresso grinder certainly won't fit beneath your cabinets but is ideal for that coffee shop or café you've been itching to open!

Let's dig in and go over the features of the Mazzer Super Jolly.

The Brand

mazzer logo

Founded in 1948, Mazzer grinders are now distributed and imported to over 90 countries worldwide. Produced just outside Venice, Italy, putting a Mazzer grinder in your home or café means one thing - you want the best. Mazzer pays distinct attention to every detail of their grinders and uses the highest quality materials putting Mazzer at the tippy top of grinder brands.  

Two Models

The Mazzer Super Jolly comes in two models - an electronic dosing option and a manual doser.

mazzer super jolly dosing comparison

A True Commercial Coffee Grinder

The Mazzer Super Jolly is a true commercial espresso and coffee grinder. With a bean hopper capable of holding up to 2.7 lbs. of beans, the Super Jolly with run all day with limited bean refills saving you and your customers valuable time. 

Features of the Mazzer Super Jolly

Stainless Steel Flat Burrs

The Super Jolly comes complete with 64mm flat steel burrs. Flat burrs, opposed to conical, are easily removed for cleaning and maintenance. The Super Jolly's burrs also operate on a low RPM (rotations per minute). What this means for you and your customers is less heat being transferred from the burrs to the beans. With this, the true flavor of your beans will be experienced the way they were meant!

Large Bean Hopper

The bean hopper on the Super Jolly can hold up to 2.7 pounds of coffee beans. Almost double that of other commercial espresso grinders. 

Stepless Adjustment

Fine tune your grind with the easy turn of a dial. Stepless adjustment gives your baristas maximum control and customization to their shots of espresso by being able to control the fineness of their grind. 


On the doser version, there is an attached timer. This allows you to set your grind and let it go.

The electronic version allows you to pre-program single and double shots by time. You can also grind manually on the Super Jolly Electronic. 


  • Programmable (electronic version)
  • Large bean hopper
  • High quality construction
  • Low RPM increases taste
  • Timer (doser version)


  • Large

Overall, the Mazzer Super Jolly is ideal in a commercial setting mainly due to its size. While it can certainly be put in your kitchen at home, don't expect it to fit under your counters! What we love most is the low RPM operation. This feature is designed to really bring out the flavor profile and aromas from your beans. Low RPM may sound like a bad feature but don't be fooled - it's the best feature the Super Jolly has. 

There are plenty of commercial grinders out there that have difficulty grinding coarse (for french press, turkish, drip, etc.) however the Mazzer Super Jolly does not fall into that category.

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