August 09, 2017

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What if I told you there was an espresso tamper out there that has the technology and ability to make tamping mistakes a thing of the past. After all, tamping pressure is one of the most significant and common mistakes espresso machine noobs make when first starting to make espresso at home. Then, I told you the price is probably not what you'd expect. More specifically, the Puqpress price ranges from $855 to a whopping $925. That's a lot of beans for a tamper. So, is the puqpress price legitimate?

See the current Puqpress Price here

2018 update - the Puqpress price has risen to a whopping $950!

Too hard of a tamp and you'll find your extraction drip-like with espresso barely coming out.

Too soft and the opposite happens - espresso pours out like water.

Either of these scenarios ends up with the same result - horrible tasting espresso. And if you've ever had bad espresso, you know how terrible it is. Just ask these guys.

The Puqpress is certainly unique. There's nothing else like it on the market. The closest thing would be a calibrated espresso tamper which will cost you significantly less but won't give you the same results as you'll need a stable surface, straight arms and exact pressure every time. A puqpress will get you consist results with every use as there are less factors involved. Simply fill your portafilter with coffee grounds and place it in the Puqpress - boom you're done. With a hand tamper, there's so many more variables in play that will result in less consistent tamps (unless you're a robot). 

Also, consider what you're purchasing it for. After speaking with the Puqpress founders in Seattle this past April, the Puqpress has seen tremendous success in cafés and coffee shops worldwide as it decreased the time involved with making a drink thus increasing productivity and profits. If the Puqpress can make your baristas make more drinks per hour - you'll see an immediate return on your investment. 

On the other hand, if you're buying it for home use, we recommend heavily considering the pros and cons. 

The Pros

  • Perfect tamp every time
  • Abolishes the learning curve involved with tamping
  • You'll be making quality espresso immediately
  • Easy to use
  • Better espresso 

The Cons

  • Hefty price
  • Not exactly a good looking piece of machinery
  • Just another gadget for your countertop

If you ask us, the pros are favored here. 

So, is the Puqpress Price Justified? 

If money is no object in your buying decision, then sure - it's absolutely worth it.  

If tamping is something you don't ever see yourself perfecting - it's worth it. 

If you one day want to making espresso completely by hand - no. Get a hand tamper and practice. 

If $800 is a lot of money for you (it is to most, right) - no. A hand tamper is all you need. 

If your name is Warren Buffett - it's worth it. Hell, buy two. 

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