Izzo Vivi PID vs. Rocket Appartamento vs. Rocket Mozzafiato Type V

In this article we'll go over the benefits of each machine, which has this, what has that, and which espresso machine is right for you. 

  Izzo Vivi PID Rocket Appartamento Rocket Mozzafiato Type V
Price from $1,890 from $1,700 $2,050
Made In Italy Italy Italy
Manufacturer Alex Duetto Rocket Espresso Milano Rocket Espresso Milano
Height 15 inches 14.2 inches 15.75 inches (no adjustable feet)
Width 11.75 inches 10.8 inches 11 inches
Depth 16.75 inches 16.75 inches 16.75 inches
Weight 55 pounds 44 pounds 66.5 pounds
Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Drip Tray Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Plumbable No No No
Capacity 3 liters 2.25 liters 2.9 liters
Material Plastic Plastic Plastic
Low Water Sensor Yes Yes Yes
Material Copper Copper Copper
Capacity 1.5 liters 1.8 liters 1.8 liters
Insulated Yes No Yes
Power 1570 W 1300 W 1200 W
Automatic Fill Yes Yes Yes
Type Vibratory Vibratory Vibratory
Adjustable Brew Pressure Yes Yes Yes
Included  2 2 2
Size 58mm 58mm 58mm
Tamper Included Yes Yes Yes
Steam Gauge Yes Yes Yes
Brew Gauge Yes No Yes
Contains PID Yes No Yes
Shot Timer
Yes or No Yes No No


Advantages of the Izzo Vivi PID

As you can probably tell by the comparison chart above, the three machines are strikingly similar. So, why the difference in prices? Let's go over the advantages of the Izzo:

  • Contains BOTH a steam and brew pressure gauge (Mozzafiato does as well)
  • Boiler is insulated (Mozzafiato is too, Appartamento is not)
  • Most powerful heating element of the three (1570 W)
  • MASSIVE water reservoir (3 liters)
  • Contains a shot timer - we made this bold as it's the only machine that contains a shot timer. If this is on your list of must-haves - the Izzo Vivi PID is your machine.

So, when compared to the Rockets the Vivi looks pretty darn good. It contains a shot timer, has insulated boiler, a massive water reservoir, and begins at $1,890. While the Appartamento can be cheaper ($1,700), it lacks certain features you may want. For example....

What The Rocket Appartamento Doesn't Have

  • PID
  • Brew Pressure Gauge
  • Insulated Boiler
  • Large Drip Tray (it's small)
  • Shot Timer

What The Appartamento Does Have

  • Very Compact Footprint
  • Lowest Price Option
  • Side Panel Color Options (copper or white)

Izzo Vivi PID vs. Rocket Appartamento

Spending $190 more on the Izzo will get you the following:

  • PID
  • Shot Timer
  • Insulated Boiler (it'll be quieter and hold heat better)
  • Brew Pressure Gauge (massive upgrade for beginners)
  • Larger Water Reservoir

When comparing these two machines, ask yourself if the above list is something you need. If not, we'd recommend saving yourself the money and go with a Appartamento.

Let's Talk About The Mozzafiato Type V

At the highest price point, what are the advantages of going with the Type V?

vs. Izzo Vivi PID

  • 2.9 liter reservoir vs 3 liter reservoir (Izzo)
  • No shot timer (Izzo has one)

vs. Rocket Appartamento

  • Dual gauges (Appartamento only has a steam pressure gauge)
  • Insulated boiler
  • PID

As mentioned above, the Izzo Vivi PID seems to be the clear choice in terms of value. Rocket's prices as of late are unfortunately a reflection of their massive popularity here in the States. Rocket is by far the most popular prosumer brand. High demand always results in higher prices. If you want that Rocket "R" in your kitchen (can't blame you, they're stunningly gorgeous), you'll have to pay a small premium and deal with less features.

Advantages of a Shot Timer

It may seem like a small feature but it can really go a looooong way - especially if you've never had a machine of this caliber before. Shot timers are wonderful to have when attempting to diagnose the issues with your espresso shots. 

Sure, you can just use your phone, watch, or other but having that shot timer there on the machine is an awesome benefit. 

Necessary? No. 

Convenient to have? Absolutely.

Of the three machines in this article - the Izzo Vivi PID is the ONLY machine with a shot timer.

Is having PID necessary?

We get this question soooooo often. PID temperature control, similar to a shot timer, is more of a conveniency than a necessity. In all honesty, I had one on my very first machine - the Rocket Cellini (no longer in production) and can tell you I didn't touch it or adjust it one single time - not once. 

It is, however, nice to know it's there. The Appartamento is the only machine of these three without PID. Boiler temperature can still be adjusted however the process is much more difficult than simply pressing a button - you'd have to physically crack open the machine and turn a screw. As long as you give the Appartamento sufficient time to heat up, you do not need PID. 

Related Article - Rocket Appartamento PID Exclusion - Does It Matter?

What about the brew pressure gauge?

This one is huge. It's the number one complaint we get from Appartamento owners - the fact that it doesn't have a brew pressure gauge. Having that gauge is so incredibly nice if you've never had one of these machines before. Being able to see your bar count during extraction will really tell you what's going on inside the machine and what needs to be tweaked. 

For example, if your bar count at extraction is incredibly low - say in the 4 to 5 bar range - what this means is water is getting through your coffee grounds way too easily. In other words, the machine isn't working very hard. Something (most likely your grind, dosage or tamp pressure) needs some work. 

If you do go with an Appartamento, there are ways t combat not having that brew pressure gauge. Grab yourself a bottomless portafilter. While you still won't be able to see your bar count, a bottomless will tell you everything about your shots and help you adjust where necessary. 

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