La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi Review - A Mini Espresso Maker

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La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi Review

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A Mini Espresso Maker That Packs a Punch

The Mini Vivaldi from Italy's La Spaziale is a mini espresso maker featuring dual boilers, a vibratory pump, digital temperature control and an incredibly easy functionality. Don't let the "mini" fool you, though. The Mini Vivaldi is only small in size. When it comes to making espresso, lattes and cappuccinos, this espresso maker is a true beast. 

Let's go over the features of the Mini in our Vivaldi review.

Dual Boilers

The La Spaziale features dual boilers. What this does is allows the user to steam milk and brew coffee simultaneously without losing any pressure or consistency. Unlike single boiler espresso machines, dual boilers contain a boiler dedicated to each of the aforementioned functions. Single boilers only contain one boiler that's responsible for both features. 

Temperature Control - It's Digital!

This mini espresso maker maintains boiler temperature like a champ. If you want to make quality espresso on a consistent basis, you'll need a machine that holds temperature well and the Mini Vivaldi ii does just that. The user can adjust brew and steam boiler temps simply by touching a button. 

la spaziale mini vivaldi control panel

Vibratory Pump

While not as quiet as a rotary pump, a vibratory pump allows the home barista to adjust brew pressure. Made of the finest materials, this La Spaziale espresso machine has all the components necessary to make some pretty darn good espresso. 

Dosing Volume - Programmable

That's right - the Mini Vivaldi is programmable. A feature not found on most mini espresso makers on the market today, you can program single and double shots based on your desired volume. Once programmed, all you'll need to do is press the single or double shot button, grab a newspaper and let the mini vivaldi ii go to work!

Mini Vivaldi Review Continued....

Optional Features

  • Pre Infusion - Cliff & Pebble will install before shipment (+$79)
  • 15 amp converter cord - FREE of charge from Cliff & Pebble (otherwise the Mini Vivaldi is a 20 amp espresso machine)
  • Color options - Black, Red, Various Wood Paneling Available

Our Opinion

For the price, you certainly won't find a cheaper dual boiler mini espresso maker. The Mini Vivaldi, simply put, is a well built Italian espresso machine full of commercial qualities and capabilities. Most dual boilers will run you well above $2k - some will even go north of $3k so if dual boilers is a must for you and you can't stomach spending that much, the Mini Vivaldi is for you.

Something that may go unnoticed in most mini vivaldi reviews is a feature we find incredibly convenient - a front loading water tank. Most mini espresso makers will have their waters tanks up top or on the backside of the machine. La Spaziale placed it's water tank up front to make filling and re-filling easier than ever. Believe it or not, this is an incredibly nice feature and certainly something worth considering when looking at other brands. Well done, La Spaziale! 


  • Dual Boiler at a single boiler price
  • Various color options
  • Contains PID Temperature Control
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent milk steaming pressure
  • Excellent brew pressure
  • Programmable 
  • Front loading water tank - very convenient feature!


  • While "mini" is in the title, we find this to be a bit bulky. By no means is it a commercial sized machine, it's just a tad fatter than other brands.
  • Plastic siding - unless you go with wood - which looks incredible!
  • Appearance - when compared to other brands, like Rocket Espresso, the Mini Vivaldi is not as aesthetically pleasing but a lot of this is personal preference. 
  • Not plumbable
  • 20 minute warm up time
  • 53mm portafilter - not many 3rd party options with this size. 

Technically Speaking....

  • Dimension - 16.5"W x 16.5"D x 15.25" H
  • Voltage - 110V
  • Wattage - 1250W (steam boiler), 800W (brew boiler)
  • Reservoir Capacity - 3 liters
  • Warranty - 1 year La Spaziale Manufacturers warranty + 1 year extended (only at Cliff & Pebble, we working directly with La Spaziale's exclusive US importer)

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