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Amazingly enough, people rush out to buy new brewers, take a barista lesson or a class to learn how to brew properly, when the problem is usually the fact that they buy pre-ground coffee from their local supermarket and use a cheap grinder at home (ala Mr. Coffee). A Mazzer coffee grinder is an essential investment if you’re a true coffee aficionado and want the best tasting brew each time. You can work on the technique until you seem like a surgeon, but improper grinding of beans will make anything taste like dreck - seriously, it's true. No lies. 

Aromas And Flavors

The beans and grounds that you buy like to soak up any aromas and flavors that are around. Those pleasant flavors and aromatics found in the bean are exposed by the grinding process, so if you grind the night before or buy pre-ground coffees, you’re losing most of that flavor. Many people believe that storing coffees or grounds in the freezer/refrigerator helps, but it actually hurts the process. They are thirsty and want to drink in moisture and any other funky flavors floating around.

Mazzer coffee grinders do one thing that most, especially cheap grinders, don't - operate at a low RPM (rotations per minute). Now, I know this sounds like a negative but it's actually one of the biggest plus' associated with Mazzer grinders. Whereas high RPM grinders transfer tons of heat from the burrs to your beans resulting in beans whose flavor has been sucked out of them from the heat, low RPM grinders transfer less heat from the burrs to your beans. What this means for you is a cup with more flavor, consistency and aroma. 

Resist The Temptation (To Pre-Grind)

Many people are enamored with shops and cafes that offer complimentary grinding of the beans. They want to be helpful and provide better customer service, but they aren’t doing any favors. A Mazzer coffee grinder is essential for the home brewer, but you must also do it the right way.

While grinders aren’t cheap, they are necessary for the proper flavors and features. Likewise, you need to take the time to grind the beans before each brew session. You can still brew a lot of java at once and keep it on the warmer/burner, but you can’t grind it all at once and use it throughout the day because it loses flavor quickly. Just one sip of java made with a Mazzer coffee grinder will change your whole attitude about that cup o’ Joe.

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