January 03, 2017

When it comes to the best coffee grinders around, Mazzer is put at the top. In this article, we're going to do a complete review of Mazzer's staple -  the Mazzer Mini

About Mazzer

mazzer mini review

Founded in the years between two World Wars by Luigi Mazzer, Mazzer grinders has never lost its passion for producing quality coffee grinders. If the name Mazzer sounds familiar it's most likely because your local coffee shop, you know the one that serves your favorite latte or cappuccino, uses a Mazzer grinder.  

WIth a vast offering of coffee grinders, the Mazzer Mini has been the popular selection for thousands of homes in over 90 countries. For a more commercial quality grinder, consider the Mazzer Super Jolly.  

mazzer mini review

Mazzer Mini Review

Just based off the name of this guy it's easy to tell what the focus of the Mazzer Mini is - it's size. Basically, Mazzer has created a grinder composed of all the qualities, materials and capabilities of their commercial grinders, shrunk them down and put them in a grinder made specifically for home use. In other words, you can have a commercial espresso grinder in your home without have to pay the commercial price tag and without having to find space for a massive commercial grinder. 


mazzer mini dimensions

Coming in at just 18.5 inches tall, the Mazzer Mini is sure to fit beneath most countertops. Tall hoppers are available however here at Cliff & Pebble we only sell the mini with the short hopper (pictured)

mazzer mini review

Main Features


1.3 pounds (bean hopper), 0.44 pounds (doser). The Mini is adjustable to dispense anywhere from 5.5 grams to 9 grams. 

Swedish Steel Burrs

58mm Flat Swedish Steel Burrs. These burrs are made from the finest materials and are built to last and withstand. Because of their size, Mazzer burrs can grind larger quantities of coffee at a quicker rate while remaining cool at the same time.  

Compact Size

Commercial parts. Favorable dimensions for any home kitchen. With its short hopper, the Mazzer Mini is guaranteed to fit in all the tight spaces or on any countertop. Made of durable plastic, the short hopper saves space and is removable while beans are still in place to switch beans. 

Stepless Adjustment

Adjust your grind as you go. All Mazzer grinders have the ability to grind all for all types of coffee. Whether its french press or espresso, the Mazzer Mini will help you make your perfect cup. 


The Mazzer Mini has an attached timer. Able to be set for a maximum of one minute, you can turn the timer knob and let your grinder dispense coffee grounds into the hopper all on its own. 

Two Models

The Mazzer Mini comes in two different models - one with a manual doser and one with an electronic doser.

The electronic model will give you more flexibility and requires less work. Programmable, the Mazzer Mini Electronic is easy to use once set. Grind both single and double shots simply by touching a button. Want to dose manually? No worries. You can do that too as the electronic model comes with a button to manually distribute grinds as you please.

mazzer mini electronic grinder

The Grind

The most important aspect of any espresso grinder - the grind. Mazzer is known for creating what seems like the perfect grind. Speak with anyone who comes into contact with Mazzer grinders on a daily basis - whether it be a barista or a repairman - Mazzer burrs and grinders are not only the best, but they'll last for a loooooong time. 

The Mini is an incredibly versatile espresso grinder. Controlling the grind of the Mazzer Mini is easy with stepless adjustment. Grind for espresso, french press, drip or whatever you want - just don't put crayons in your grinder. 

Grind Rating - 10/10 


The Mazzer Mini is well insulated. What this means for you in minimal noise. Now, its still a coffee grinder so don't take that to mean it's silent. Compared to other top rated espresso grinders, the mini comes in at the top when comparing decimal levels. In all honesty, it isn't even close. 

Noise Rating - 10/10


The Mazzer Mini comes complete with 58mm flat swedish steel burrs. I know that may not seem impressive if you don't know anything about burrs but there isn't anything better. Mazzer only puts quality materials in its grinders. This is why they have the largest lifespan of any grinder. Out of every 20 warranty requests we service, maybe 2 are for Mazzer.

Burr Rating - 10/10

Overall Rating


Very rarely do we give a perfect rating to anything but we just couldn't find any negatives with the Mazzer Mini. You can't beat a Mazzer grinder. Smart espresso shoppers always choose a grinder before picking their machine and you simply can't go wrong with a Mazzer.

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