rocket r58 cinquantotto

What’s New On The Rocket Espresso R58 Cinquantotto?



rocket r58 cinquantotto

Rocket R Cinquantotto Review

If you’ve had your eye on a Rocket Espresso R58 recently, now may be the best time to pull the trigger. Rocket just updated their staple dual boiler and gave it some enhancements and items it desperately needed to compete in the dual boiler espresso machine market in 2020 and beyond. The name is the same with Cinquantotto added – so what’s new on the Rocket R58 Cinquantotto?

Here at Cliff & Pebble we’re all about helping potential prosumer espresso machine owners choose the machine that’s right for them. Not the machine that simply looks the coolest but rather the machine that is perfect for the amount of drinks they’ll be making and will last them decades. 

Do I Need a Dual Boiler?

Before we get into the newly designed R58, we encourage you to ask yourself if a dual boiler is even necessary.

Where dual boilers shine is the consistency department. Since each boiler is dedicated to one sole function (one for steaming, the other for brewing), you’ll find zero loss of pressure between use on a dual boiler when compared to a single boiler, heat exchanging espresso machine.

So, should you care about this?

If you only plan on making one or two drinks per day – a dual boiler can certainly be considered overkill and unnecessary for your specific needs.

However, if you’re going to making drinks for the whole family, or entertain a lot, a dual boiler should be at the top of your list.

Is the Steam Pressure Better On The Rocket R58

One of the greatest benefits of a dual boiler is pressure stability.

Compared to a single boiler machine, where there is solely one boiler tasked with building and maintaining pressure for both brewing and steaming, dual boilers have just that – dual boiler. One boiler solely dedicated to brewing shots of espresso, the other dedicated solely to steaming milk.

What this means for you is zero loss of pressure when brewing and steaming simultaneously in addition to zero recoup time in between shots.

A single boiler, on the other hand, will experience some pressure loss when performing both functions simultaneously in addition to needed some time to rebuild pressure after creating a drink. 

Dual Boiler vs. Heat Exchanger

Aside for the boiler count, there are some more differences worth nothing here.

Pump type – most dual boilers are going to contain a rotary pump (not all, but most) while most HXs will be fitted with a vibe pump (again, not all, but most).

Rotary pump vs. vibratory pump – you’ll find rotary pumps to be more consistent, quieter, and allow you to plumb your machine directly to your water line (if you want). 

PID temperature control – while PID is not a necessity on a heat exchanger, it is convenient. Most dual boiler will be fitted with PID to easily access and adjust both boiler temperatures. 

Boiler material – stainless steel boilers have proven to hold heat better and last longer. 

Our favorite dual boiler espresso machines 

Rocket R58 Cinquantotto – What’s New


New Features on The Cinquantotto

  • Upgraded touchscreen PID (still external)
  • Shot timer
  • Automatic on/off timer
  • New stainless steel cup rail with Rocket Espresso logo
  • Newly styled feet 

1. Upgraded Touchscreen PID (external)

One of the biggest knocks on the old R58 is the fact that the PID is external and needs to be plugged in to the machine. For one – there were many reports that it didn’t work properly and it was just a pain/inconvenience to use. We’re not sure why Rocket hasn’t opted to install a PID directly on the Cinquantotto like their other machines but they have upgraded the PID. 

It’s touchscreen is much easier to operate and looks a heck of a lot better than the old. Easily access each boilers temperature with the touch of a button and other machine settings including the new automatic on/off timer. 

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2. Shot Timer

Following suit with the newly designed Chronometro machines, Rocket has finally added a shot timer to the R58. Located on the face of the machine, the shot timer will automatically start and stop as you lift/close the E61 group head’s lever respectively. 

A much-needed upgrade when compared to other dual boilers currently on the market. Better late than never.

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3. Automatic on/off Timer 

Imagine waking up in the morning excited to make your latte, cappuccino, or whatever it is you fancy. You stumbled out of bed, slowly walk into the kitchen only to realize the machine needs at least 25 minutes to heat up. Disappointed, you either go back to bed or plug in that Krups drip coffee maker that makes an incredibly underwhelming cup of coffee.

No, no. Not on the R58 Cinquantotto. You can easily program your espresso machine to pop on well before you’re out of bed so it will be heated and ready to go from the moment you rise. No waiting necessary.

Alternatively, you can also use a WIFI-timer on these machines and control it via an app on your smartphone! The R58 does not contain an app. Not yet at least!

4. New Stainless Steel Designs

If you know anything about Rocket Espresso, you know they care deeply about the aesthetics of their products. While the performance-based improvements steal the show on the newly designed R58 Cinquantotto, Rocket has also changed up the appearance.

Cup Rail – The Cinquantotto now contains an integrated stainless steel cup rail with the Rocket Espresso logo engraved. 

Newly Designed Feet – new, angled design replaced the older, height-adjustable feet.

Other Dual Boilers To Consider

All The Same Features As The R58, Yet $505 Cheaper

Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo - $2,695 

One of our favorite value dual boilers is the Vetrano 2B Evo from Quick Mill.

It contains all the same features as the R58 Cinquantotto and is $505 cheaper. Also, it’s boilers are stainless steel – something we consider an upgrade! 

Features of the Vetrano 2B Evo:

  • Rotary pump
  • Stainless steel dual boilers
  • All-in-one large manometer
  • Shot timer
  • On-machine PID screen

Dual Boiler At A HX Price 

Quick Mill QM67 Evo - $2,195

If you’re in the dual boiler market yet don’t want to completely break the bank and don’t care to plumb your machine to your water line, the QM67 Evo should be considered. Only thing it doesn’t have is a rotary pump so plumbing it is not an option.

Features of the QM67 Evo:

  • Vibratory Pump
  • Stainless steel dual boilers
  • All-in-one large manometer
  • Shot timer
  • On-machine PID screen

Best Dual Boiler Under $2k

La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi II - $1,895

It’s incredibly rare to find a dual boiler under $2,000 in the United States. The Mini Vivaldi is just that, however.

What you’ll first notice is the look of this one. It’s different. Not the typical draped in stainless steel with an E61 group head. No, no. La Spaziale went a different way when designing their line of prosumer machines. A smaller, 53mm saturated group is the highlight of this one (other than the fact that it’s still a dual boiler), and contains volumetric controls.

What are volumetric controls, you ask?

This system allows you to program your shot times making the Mini Vivaldi as close to a commercial machine as you can get for your home. Program single and double shots, press the button, and let the machine work. It will automatically stop when the pre-programmed time has been reached. No lever work necessary as, well, there is no lever.

Features of the Mini Vivaldi II

  • Vibratory pump
  • Dual boiler
  • Volumetric controls
  • Dual PID
  • Front loading water tank
  • 53mm saturated group head
  • All-in-one manometer

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