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These Travel Coffee Makers Will Keep You Up - On The Go!

our favorite travel coffee makers
Live in the woods? Check out of favorite travel coffee makers!

Our Favorite Travel Coffee Makers

So you find yourself on the go a lot, huh? You're also a caffeine/coffee addict, you say? Then just a simple to-go mug isn't enough. You need to be brewing on the go wherever you are! Finding a decent cup of coffee that won't cost you $5 (*cough, cough - Starbucks - cough, cough*) on the go can be tough these day. High quality, local cafés are usually only located in city centers or heavy populated areas - not the road.

Finding the right travel coffee maker for you will depend on a few things:

What kind of coffee are you looking for? 

Standard drip, espresso, pour over, etc. Whatever you like, chances are theres a portable device for you! 

How small does it need to be? 

When the word "travel" is involved with any device or appliance, size is usually the issue. Does it need to fit in a suitcase or can it just be put in your car? 

Do you want something with everything included? 

Don't forget some cups!

Drip/Pour Over Travel Coffee Makers

for those looking to replicate standard drip and pour over coffee

Brief descriptions and our opinion on each of these machines below!


aeropress travel coffee maker

With almost 8,000 reviews on Amazon, the Aeropress is (and has been) a popular favorite for years and years. What's great about this guy is it comes with everything you'll need to create some high quality coffee anywhere you take it.  

Using total emersion and pressure, the Aeropress can create some darn good coffee and comes with a very convenient carrying case easy to store anywhere (including luggage). 

Brewing Methods - Drip, Pour Over, Espresso, French Press

Our Opinion

The Aeropress is without a doubt the best travel coffee maker you'll find out there and especially on our list. There's a reason you've probably seem this thing in cafés - it makes good coffee pretty quickly. Take your local café-quality with you anywhere you go with the Aeropress. All you'll need to some coffee grounds, water and some micro-filters. A no-brainer for anyone who needs coffee on-the-fly and doesn't want to sacrifice any quality. 

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Presto Single Cup Travel Coffee Maker

not for those looking for a large output

presto single cup travel coffee maker

Like the conveniency of k-cups and a small footprint? The Presto is for you! Coming in at just above $13, you'd think this thing is a piece of junk. In reality, though, it's a pretty decent travel coffee maker that allows you to use your favorite k-cup! The only downside to the presto is it will only yield a single cup. 

Using a nifty pump system, all you have to do is fill the reservoir, insert your k-cup, pump and PRESTO! (see what I did there), you'll have a nice cup of joe in no time. 

Brewing Methods - drip coffee, french press, k-cup

Our Opinion

At only $13, the Presto offers tremendous value and a quality product. While not on par with the above Aeropress from a quality standpoint, the Presto is ideal for anyone looking for something small, compact and able to fit anywhere without taking up too much space.

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Capresso On-The-Go Personal Travel Coffee Maker

sleek, stylish and durable - for only $30!

capresso on the go travel coffee maker

A little larger footprint than the previous models mentioned. The Capresso comes from coffee giant Jura/Capresso. Specializing in super-automatic coffee makers, the stuff they make is high-quality, good looking and delivers a wonderful cup of coffee. Our point? While this may be a tad larger, it will get you a great cup of coffee! It's basically a mini drip coffee maker with a beautiful stainless steel casing - travel mug included!

Unlike most travel coffee makers, you may notice the "on" button from the picture above. Yes, this guy needs electricity so not exactly idea for those looking for a camping companion.

Brewing Methods - drip coffee

Our Opinion

Great for home use however we're not sure it really fits in the "travel coffee maker" category due to it's size and need for an outlet. The upside the the Capresso is it's gorgeous, well-built and still compact if you're looking for a smaller coffee machine for your kitchen - something to fill up your mug (included) before racing off to work.

Melitta Pour Over Travel Coffee Maker

coffee experts love pour over - have you tried it yet?

melitta pour over travel coffee maker

Coffee aficionados everywhere love pour over and find it to be the most efficient brewing method to bringing out all the flavors and rich aromas of any coffee bean. While it does take longer than your traditional drip coffee maker, pour over coffee makers deliver much better coffee on a more consistent basis.

The Melitta is a single cup, pour over travel coffee maker. Comprised of BPA free plastic and a 16oz travel mug (included), this coffee maker is incredibly easy to use, store and travel with. Perfect for any coffee lover looking to make better coffee on-the-go without sacrificing any quality. 

Brewing methods - Pour over

Our Opinion

The Melitta, while only made of plastic, is a high quality travel coffee maker. Pour over coffee is sweeping the nation and with over 1,800 positive reviews on Amazon, you don't have to take our word for it - this one is good! Only downside to this one is time. Making pour over coffee takes much more time than other brewing methods! But, you'll be left with a full-bodied, rich cup of coffee that smells incredible.

Chulux Single K-Cup Travel Coffee Maker

easy to use, fast as lightning

chulux travel coffee maker

This is basically the same thing as the Capresso although without the gorgeous look and the fact that it uses k-cups. The difference? It's very quick. Brew a tasty cup of joe very quickly and hassle-free. Simple fill up the water reservoir, insert your desired k-cup and brew. 

The Chulux comes in 5 vibrant color options making it ideal for anyone who doesn't like plain old black or stainless steel. 

Brewing methods - k-cup, drip coffee

Our Opinion

It's fast, comes in multiple colors and won't break the bank - what more do you need! The build quality isn't on par with the Capresso (which is actually cheaper) but if you read the reviews - customer's love this thing. We feel that if you're in the $20-$40 price range, the Capresso may be the better option unless you're in love with k-cups. 

Pamapic Hand-Use Travel Espresso Maker

perfect for hiking, camping or any outdoor activity needing coffee!

pamapic hand travel espresso maker

Battery operated. K-cup use.

This one is incredibly slim and perfect for someone packing with limited space. The company has really gone after the active lifestyle market (hiking, etc) however it can be used literally anywhere. Simply add hot water, insert a k-cup and press an easy to use button to dispense some coffee. 

Works with any type or brand of k-cup. Great for a car trip, business trip or anywhere you need a quick pick-me-up of caffeine. 

Brewing methods - espresso, drip coffee

Our opinion

This one is great for espresso lovers (and the only espresso maker on our list). Sometimes you just need that extra jolt of energy when climbing a mountain or on a long road trip. This machines is just for that! Coming in at only $34 - it's a great value.