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5 Popular French Press Coffee Makers To Dazzle Your Kitchen

Time to change up your brewing method? These guys will help.

5 Popular French Press Coffee Makers

French press coffee makers have become the go to home brewing process for most households. It is a simple process that produces truly unbelievable results and today we go over our favorite popular french press coffee makers that are sure to impress.

Many coffee enthusiasts enjoy the full flavor that comes from pressed vs filtered coffee. More oil is extracted during the pressing process and that oil will also not get trapped in a traditional paper filter used in many other home brewing processes.


Time To Switch To A French Presser?

So if you are looking for a full body and often times creamy textured coffee you may want to add a French press to your coffee brewing arsenal.

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But first, let's take a look at what you consider when choosing the best French press coffee makers:

  • Construction material - many french press coffee makers are made from glass so you can see the process infold and get a measure of how dark the brew is currently. While glass offers viewing benefits it lacks the durability of a stainless steel french press. Both options provide a great brew but if you plan on using your press a lot you might consider a stainless steel french press.
  • Output - most french press makers usually produce half a normal pot of coffee. Some can produce quite a bit more but you have to want that much or the extra output will be wasted as french press coffee does not keep for very long.

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1. Bodum Chambord 4 Cup French Press Coffee Maker - $20


The Bodum Chambord is synonymous with french press coffee. Their simple but perfect design brews what is widely considered the best coffee one can make at home. The stainless steel cage adorns the glass pot in a elegant way that many have tried to copy but few have succeeded in doing so even to this day. If you have a love for coffee and 4 minutes (that's all the time it takes to make a world class cup of coffee!!) we highly recommend the Bodum Chambord.

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2. French Press Coffee Maker by Cafe Du Chateau - $23.95


Cafe Du Chateau adds some extra filtering capabilities than the traditional french press. The results are noticeable as there are much fewer tiny coffee grounds that sneak through the filtration process. The Borosilicate Glass carafe can withstand many different temperatures from boiling water to ice cold temps which allows you to use this french press as a tea, espresso or even cold brew maker.

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3. Secura Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker - $27.98


Built to outlast the competition the Secura stainless steel french press coffee maker is made of high quality 18/10 stainless steel. The added durability makes it a great option for camping or hiking trips. We like the sleek handle that integrates perfectly with the stainless steel look but is also cool to the touch.

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4. KONA French Press Coffee Maker - $19.95


The KONA french press coffee maker is surely one of the most uniquely designed offerings on our list. We love the all black finish that also doubles as a security layer for your glass carafe. The KONA french press is dishwasher safe and ultra portable making it a great option for campers and RVers.

5. Large French Press Coffee Maker by Coffee Gator - $45.97


Coffee Gator’s french press is all about getting and keeping your coffee hot. Their unique construction materials claim to keep coffee hot for a full 60 minutes longer than a traditional glass carafe. For those of us who need a little more time to get down that morning cup we highly recommend this french press coffee maker.

If you are just building your coffee maker arsenal we highly encourage a french press to be high on your list if not first. Any choice on our list will sure to have you enjoying a full bodied french press coffee in no time. We hope you enjoy the unique flavor and hands on approach of this coffee brewing method.

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