April 14, 2017


There's just something soothing about pour-over coffee, isn't there? No machine required, no buttons, no lights, no buzzers. Just solid, coffee making with a few pour-over tools and yourself. The finished product will taste like that of a coffee maker, only better. The pour-over method of brewing is fantastic, easy and full of satisfaction if you do it properly.  

Step 1

Grab your pour-over kettle, fill it with water (at least 20oz) and bring it to a boil.

stagg pour over kettle

Step 2

Grind your coffee beans with a quality coffee grinder. This is essential as your grind can make or break this experience. You'll be needing about 30 grams or less. You'll want your grind to be rather coarse. Too fine and the water will have a hard time seeping through. You're looking for a sea salt-like texture. 

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Step 3

Place a filter in the pour-over dripper. We recommend wetting your filter (just a little bit) before use with hot water, then emptying it. This will expedite the process. 

Step 4

Add your ground coffee to the filter. Then, place the dripper over your desired cup or carafe. If you have a scale, place the cup/carafe on it. 

Step 5

The next step can be done a couple different ways. 

The Slow Pour

Slowly and uniformly douse your coffee grounds using your pour-over kettle. You'll begin to see the coffee "bloom" as Co2 is released. Start at the outer edges and work your way in a circular motion. If water begins to dribble down the neck of your kettle, you're pouring too slowly - speed it up a tad - but not too fast! 

The Quick Pour

Thanks to the geniuses at Fellow Products, they've created a dripper that reduces leakage. This means you can pour until the dripper is completely full, sit back and watch the extraction. 

Video Instruction

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