April 07, 2017

Looking for Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo vs. Rocket R58? 

Battle of the Dual Boiler Espresso Machines!

The Rocket Espresso R58 and Quick Mill QM67 are regarded as two of the best dual boiler espresso machines around. We often get questions as to which one is better as there is a pretty decent price difference. So, let's compare them. 

Specification Rocket Espresso R58 Quick Mill QM67
Price $2,800 $1,995
Boiler Setup Dual Dual
Boiler Material Copper Copper
Boiler Capacity 1.7 liters and 0.58 liters 1 liter and 0.8 liters
Reservoir Capacity 2.5 liters 3 liters
Cup Clearance 3 inches 3.5 inches
Cup Warmer Yes Yes
Pre-Infusion Yes Yes
Rotary Pump Yes No, Vibratory 
Wattage 1400W 1400W
Voltage 110V 110V
Portafilter Size 58mm 58mm
Dual PID Yes Yes
Shot Timer No Yes
Adjustable Feet Yes No
Portafilters Included Two  Two
Warranty 2 years (C&P exclusive) 2 years (C&P exclusive)

Main Differences

Rotary Pump - The Rocket Espresso R58 contains a rotary pump while the Quick Mill QM67 has an Ulka 52 watt vibratory pump. Edge to the Rocket Espresso R58 here. The R58 will hold heat better and is quieter. 

Shot Timer - The Rocket R58 does NOT contain a shot timer where the Quick Mill QM67 does. A nice feature. Nod to the QM67 here. 

Adjustable Feet - New to 2017, Rocket Espresso added height adjustable feet to the R58. The Quick Mill QM67 has no such feature. 

Price - 

  • Rocket Espresso R58 - $2,800
  • Quick Mill QM67 - $1,995
  • An $805 difference

If you're going for value and don't really care about the rotary pump and the quietness it brings, go for the Quick Mill QM67. This is an incredibly cheap, well not cheap but you know what I mean, price for a dual boiler espresso machine. Most dual boilers will be priced in the range of the Rocket R58. 

Why buy a dual boiler? 

Dual boiler espresso machines hold heat longer and are highly sufficient when compared to a single boiler machine. You'll be able to brew and steam at the same time with no drop in pressure as the machine contains a boiler dedicated to each brewing and steaming. Why have one when you can have two, right? 

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