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[2020 Update] Is The Quick Mill QM67 A Better Value Than The Rocket R58?


Quick Mill QM67 vs. Rocket R58

Well, it certainly costs less ($2,195 vs. $3,000). But is it a better value? We're here to help answer that question. 

The QM67 and Rocket R58 have many aspects in common. For example, dual boilers. Both contain dual, insulated boilers ready to help you make café-quality espresso drinks that'll have you never going to Starbucks again. But why is the R58 so much more expensive?

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A Quick Comparison

  Quick Mill QM67 Rocket Espresso R58
Price $2,195 $3,000
Design Dual Boiler Dual Boiler
Pump Type Vibratory Rotary
Plumbable No Yes
Boiler Material Stainless Steel Copper
Boiler Capacity 0.75 liters (brew), 1.0 liters (steam)
Insulated Boilers Yes Yes
Reservoir Capacity 3 liters 2.5 liters
Temperature Control PID (on machine) PID (external)
Pressure Gauges All-In-One-Manometer Dual
Shot Timer Yes No

So, which machine provides more value?

The major differences:

  • Boiler Material  - The QM67 now comes with stainless steel boilers (new to 2019). In our opinion, a massive upgrade as stainless boilers have proven to last longer and hold heat better when compared to copper (R58).
  • Vibratory vs. Rotary Pump - The R58 contains a rotary pump where the QM67 has a vibratory. Here's the main reason for the massive price difference. Rotary pumps are more consistent, and allow you to plumb the machine directly to your water line. 
  • Shot Timer - a feature often overlooked, the QM67 will time your shots automatically. Located on the PID screen, this is a wonderful feature for beginners looking to perfect the espresso making process.

Not so important differences:

  • Height Adjustable Feet - R58 has them, QM67 doesn't. Nice feature but purely aesthetic. Great for anything working in a limited amount of space.
  • Gauges - Quick Mill now uses an all-in-one manometer on their espresso machines. This means you can track steam and brew pressure on one gauge. Rocket still has dual gauges. 
  • PID Design - The R58 contains an external PID that needs to be plugged into the machine where the QM67 has it on the face of the machine. Some love the external PID, some can't stand it - which will you be?
  • Appearance - both machines are stunning however we're not crazy about the "QM67" label Quick Mill added on the sides of the machine. Personally, I think it looks tacky but who knows, some may love it. Rocket machines are always gorgeous and simple - something we've come to know, love, and trust with Rocket Espresso. 

Is The QM67 A Better Value?

For $805 less you certainly get a wonderful dual boiler espresso machine.

You also get some features that the R58 won't give you like....

  • Stainless Steel Boilers
  • Shot Timer

You won't, however, get the following:

  • Rotary Pump

If you don't plan on plumbing in your machine, our advice would be save yourself the money (and invest it in a better grinder), opt for the QM67. The boiler material is, in our opinion, superior and will have a shot timer. It will be a tad louder and less consistent than the R58 but all-in-all - an incredibly versatile, powerful, and gorgeous espresso machine!