October 12, 2017

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The Rocket Appartamento has been a massive hit since it's release in early 2016. A single boiler, heat exchanger, the Appartamento is well priced, compact and looks phenomenal. There's one main question we always get here on this machine from those trying to compare it to similar models. The Rocket Appartamento PID exclusion - why doesn't it contain PID but more importantly, does it matter? We dig in...

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Rocket Appartamento PID

"Does not having PID on the Appartamento really matter?"

The Appartamento is a heat exchanging espresso machine. Because of this, PID isn't exactly necessary. You do, however, need to give the machine ample time to heat up to offset the lack of temperature control. Make sure you're giving your machine between 25 and 30 minutes to heat up. 

Then, after it's ready to go, perform a brief (5 to 7 seconds) group head flush without a portafilter inserted to get hot water flowing throughout the machine.

Benefits You'll Miss without PID

  • Ability to change boiler temperature with the touch of a button
  • Not as much control of your boiler

If you're someone who likes to experiment with different types of coffee bean, PID may be a necessary feature, like on the Giotto Evoluzione R from Rocket, for you as you'll have much more control over the temperatures involved with your espresso machine. Different beans react differently to higher and lower temps so being able to adjust on the fly is an incredibly convenient feature. 

If you're just an average espresso drinker, don't really care about the beans and flavor profiles associated with it, PID is not necessary in our opinion. Save yourself some money!

You can, however, adjust pressure on the Appartamento with the simple turn of a screw however it's not recommended to do this without speaking with us first. Please contact us for directions and detailed instructions on how to adjust pressure on the Rocket Appartmento. We're happy to walk you through it!

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