August 18, 2016

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What Happened to the Rocket Cellini V3?

Here at C&P we know how important that first cup in the morning can be. A good cup can get your day started just right. It’ll put you in a positive mood and get all those happy feelings bubbling. A bad cup, on the other hand, can sometimes seem to put you in an unrecoverable poor mood and destroy your entire day. It’s happened to all of us and if you depend on coffee in the morning, avoiding it is essential. So, how do we avoid it? - By putting a quality espresso machine handcrafted to perfection to ensure a perfect cup – EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

In this post, I’d like to go provide an in-depth review of the Rocket Espresso Cellini V3 with PID - an espresso machine with commercial parts and capabilities without the commercial price tag. But first, I’d like to go over the two main reasons people decide NOT to invest in a machine of this quality:

  1. Cost
  2. Convenience


Yes, it’s true. No lies. The cost of a Rocket Espresso Machine is considerate but for a good reason. Simply put - they’re worth it if you want the best coffee possible. It’s very easy to go to Amazon and get a Nespresso or Keurig for under $100 plus the never-ending cost of their little pods. You’ll get a decent but severely underwhelming cup that’ll leave you wanting more. If that’s all you need, then read no more. The rest of this article will bore you. But if you’re someone that wants something more, something better, then read on.


I understand why people go to Starbucks. I really do. I too find myself indulging in a nice $5 latte at least once a week. Starbucks is easy and convenient. You can order on your phone, walk in, pick up your pre-prepared drink and go about the rest of your day. It’s nice – I get it. However, the only thing higher than the prices they charge you is the calorie count in the majority of their drinks. Sure, they’re tasty but also packed full of unnecessary calories. The same can be said your standard drip coffee machines. Wake up, walk into the kitchen and your coffee is ready and waiting for you. Again, it’s nice – I get it. But, what you aren’t getting is the best cup possible. You’re getting decent, cheap and probably burnt coffee. If you want more, if you want better, read on.

Rocket Cellini V3 with PID Review

The Rocket Cellini V3 is a commercial espresso machine without the huge commercial coffee machine price tag. Rocket incorporated all of the features from in predecessor, the V2, while adding the PID screen for optimal temperature control.

What’s PID?

PID is an adjustable temperature display (located beneath the removable drip tray) that allows the user the manually set their desired brew temperature. Don’t know what to set it at? No worries, Rocket provides recommendations in the provided user manual.


Aside from PID, this professional espresso machine comes complete with a commercial brew head, the E61. This can be found on many commercial machines found in your local coffee shops (no, not Starbucks) and is the standard for most brands. Also, the machine comes with a 1.8 liter heavy duty insulated copper boiler. In other words, you have a commercial quality machine in your home. 

Main Features of the Cellini V3 Espresso Machine

  • PID Control
  • E61 Commercial Brew Head – Commercial Quality
  • 8 Liter Heavy Duty Insulated Copper Boiler – Commercial Quality
  • Pre-Infusion – Commercial Quality (starting to see a pattern?)
  • Anti-Burn Steam Wand – Ever burnt yourself on a steam wand? Yeah. It hurts. This will prevent that from happening!


This machine is ideal for those who want the perfect cup of coffee on a consistent basis. Rocket handcrafts each machine to perfection in Milan, Italy ensuring a quality cup every time the machine is turned on. The only thing better than the coffee they make is their appearance. With a durable stainless steel case, the Cellini V3 is sure to impress on your countertop.

Ease of Use

We receive of a lot of questions about using these machines, as they do look rather intimidating upon first glance. While there is a small learning curve to them, Rocket has made them incredibly easy to use. And when I say easy, I mean easy. Grind your beans, tamp, place your portafilter in the group head, and pull the extraction lever. Now watch as the delicious golden nectar is perfectly extracted into your cup. Need milk? Simply turn the steam wand knob and start steaming. It’s that simple. No barista experience required.   

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