January 23, 2017

*Article Update - The Cellini PP has been discoutinued by Rocket Espresso. They've replaced it with the Mozzafiato Type V*

Rocket Espresso Cellini Premium Plus with PID Review

First things first, it's important to note there are two models of the Rocket Espresso Cellini. Here they are:

Also, this article will detail the second listed above (Cellini Premium Plus with PID). Within the evoluzione and premium plus models , there are two body styles - the Cellini (straight edged) and the Giotto (curved edges). Today, we're going to talk about the Cellini. 

rocket espresso cellini vs giotto body styles

What in the world is PID?

PID is a method of controlling temperature within the boiler your espresso machine. Without it, the user would have to take the machine apart in order to adjust boiler temperature. The temperature inside a boiler is always changing & it's virtually impossible to keep it at one certain temperature. PID controls boiler temperature by calculating the exact amount of power needed to maintain a certain temperature. 

PID control on all Rocket machines is either hidden behind the trip tray with an easily controlled panel or connected externally. Either way, PID will never be a nuisance or damage the appearance. On the Cellini premium plus, the PID display is behind the drip tray and consists of only two buttons - a temperature up & down button. That's it. All you have to do to control your boiler's temperature is simply press up or down. 

rocket espresso cellini pid

(PID can be accessed directly behind the drip tray once removed)

Temperature at the brew head is vital to creating good tasty, consistent espresso shots. Being able to control boiler temperature with the touch of a button is incredibly convenient.


Probably the most known attribute of a rocket espresso machine is their stunning appearance & the Cellini PP is no exception. Rocket Espresso uses the finest stainless steel to handcraft all their espresso machines in Milan, Italy. The Cellini contains straight edges, as opposed to the Giotto which offers curved ones, making this model a little less bulky. One of the most common comments we get when customers review this machine is it's appearance. People are always telling us how many compliments they get on their machine as it immediately becomes the center of any kitchen once installed.

rocket espresso cellini pid

(The Cellini will POP in your kitchen!)


Let me be clear - these machines are NOT miracle workers. Using these machines, if you never have before, is a learning process. We are always receiving phone calls and emails from customers who have initial trouble making good espresso once they get their Cellini. The reason for this is usually one of the following:

  • Grind - they don't have a grinder capable of grinding beans properly for espresso.
  • Beans - they aren't using fresh, locally roasted beans.
  • Process - they don't understand the brewing process. 

Make sure you have a quality grinder & fresh beans before beginning. Both are vital in the espresso making process. 

Brewing on the Cellini premium plus is easy and simple. Rocket has made an incredibly user friendly machine full of commercial qualities and capabilities. Comprised of an E61 heated group head, the Cellini will really do all the work for you once you grind your beans, dose and tamp. 

Key Brewing Features

  • Heat Exchanger (You can steam and brew simultaneously)
  • E61 Commercial Group Head
  • Lever operated 
  • Pre Infusion
  • Thermosiphon System

rocket espresso cellini pid

 (Close up view of the E-61 Heated Brew Group)


You'll quickly notice the power Rocket machines have when using for the first time. Steam milk for lattes and cappuccinos in about 30 seconds with the Cellini.

It is a heat exchanging machine so you can brew and steam simultaneously however we've found that when brewing and steaming at the same time, the pressure drops a bit making both features less effective. Our advice? Don't steam and brew at the same time if you don't have to. The Cellini is much more effective when each function is operating separately.

Steaming has never been easier on the Cellini PID with the no burn steam wand. Now, be careful with these no burn steam wands. You still won't want to touch it directly after use as we've found it to still be relatively hot. Brewing is definitely something those who have never had a manual espresso machine struggle with. If you're one of those people, the Cellini, or any Rocket espresso machine for that matter, will be an easy transition. The powerful, easy to use steam wand makes steaming easy to learn and master on the Rocket Cellini Premium Plus. 

Other Features

Heavy Duty Insulated Copper Boiler

The Cellini PP features an insulated copper boiler. Built to last years and years, the insulation ensures a quiet espresso machine. A very nice feature if you're someone who doesn't want to wake anyone up in the morning!

E61 Commercial Heated Group Head

When it comes to group heads, the E61 is considered the Rolls Royce. If it doesn't have an E61, look elsewhere. A heated group head ensures consistent espresso shots so if you plan on leaving the machine on all day, make sure you have an E61. 

Included Accessories

The following is included:

  • 1x – Rocket Cellini V3 with PID Espresso Machine
  • 1x – Instruction Manual 
  • 1x - Rocket Espresso Tamper
  • 1x – Single Portafilter with single basket
  • 1x – Double Portafilter with double basket
  • 1x – Measuring Scoop 
  • 1x – Brew Head Brush
  • 1x – Blind Filter Basket (For cleaning)
  • 1x – Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

rocket espresso cellini premium plus


Please feel free to contact us today.

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