August 25, 2017

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Today we go over the perfect espresso machine pairings for the only Rocket Espresso grinder on the market - the Rocket Espresso Fausto. Can you guess which brand we prefer to pair this beauty with? I'll give you one guess!

We go over a few different budgets and put ourselves in the consumer's shoes to try and see which espresso machine would be best with the Fausto. The options are endless as the Fausto is incredibly versatile and user-friendly! 

Rocket Espresso Grinder - The Fausto

Rocket Espresso makes one sole grinder and boy is it a good one. The Fausto combines power, style and simplicity to form the perfect grinder for all grinding occasions. Sure, it'll cost you a little more than that made-in-China crap you can buy on Amazon but trust me, it's well worth the extra cash. Especially if you actually want to taste the flavor profiles in those beans you bought

Things to consider
  • Budget - Obviously, they can help you weed out certain machines and models
  • Appearance - Do you want your machine to look similar to the Fausto?
  • Size - You probably need a machine that will fit under your cabinets, right?

Let's Play Matchmaker

Lower Budget ($1k-$2k)

The Rocket Appartamento (Copper or White) - $1,550

In our experience, most buying a Rocket espresso machine and also need a grinder, like to stick with one brand. The Appartamento has been a massive seller for Rocket. So much so that they're having trouble keeping up with the current demand. A good problem to have if you're Rocket, a bad problem if you're in the market for an Appartamento! 

So what makes the Appartamento a good match for the rocket espresso grinder?

Rocket All the Way

Sticking with one brand is always a good idea and Rocket is one of the best. Their products are of the highest quality, last forever (if taken care of properly) and are handmade to perfection.

Stunning Beauty

The Fausto comes in two colors - black and chrome. If you opt for chrome, any Rocket espresso machine will compliment it perfectly. All Rocket Espresso machines are completely draped in stainless steel making them the perfect partner for your grinder.

rocket appartamento and rocket espresso grinder in kitchen

Appartamento/Fausto - A match made in espresso heaven!


The size of the Appartamento is great for any grinder really but extra great for a Rocket Espresso grinder. After all, don't you think one Rocket would like to be next to another? I sure do!

Love the look of this pairing? 

So do we! And so do thousands out there. So much so that we've created a discounted bundle deal for it - The Rocket Espresso Apppartamento Gift Pack. We even throw in a nice little gift...

Video: Rocket Appartamento w/ Rocket Espresso Grinder

Medium Budget ($2k-$3k)

Can this really be described as a "medium" budget? Who knows - we're doing it anyway!

Rocket Espresso Giotto Evoluzione R - $2,500

Complete with a commercial rotary pump and PID, the Giotto Evo R is a grand slam in the espresso machine world. With a round silhouette, unlike the straight lines of it's brother - the Mozzafiato Evoluzione R, the Giotto will instantly fit it with a rocket espresso grinder.

rocket espresso grinder rocket giotto evo

Tell me you don't want that setup in YOUR kitchen - can't, can you? 

View Cliff & Pebble's Price - Rocket Giotto Evoluzione R

Why the Giotto Evo R?

Stick with the brand

If you've got a rocket espresso grinder sticking with the Rocket brand is a pretty popular choice as you already know the quality you'd be getting. 

Stunning Lines

The body style of the GIotto (curved edges) has been twice as popular as the Mozzafiato (straight edges). Both machines are gorgeous and would work perfectly with a Fausto in any setting. 

Rotary, Rotary, Rotary!

The Giotto has a commercial-grade rotary pump. This means more consistency and a quieter espresso machine. Doesn't get much better than that. Or does it...

All The Way Budget ($2.5k-$4k)

Rocket R58 Dual Boiler - $2,800

The Rocket R58 is the best. It's as simple as that. Well, unless you have $4.5k to shell out - then take a look at the Rocket R60V (pressure profiling). A perfect partner for the rocket espresso grinder, the R58 features dual boilers, a commercial rotary pump, dual pre-infusion and dual PID! Investing in an R58 means you mean business & really want to start making espresso the proper way with no limitations.

The second most popular model we sell, beneath the incredibly popular Appartamento, this dual boiler will look incredible next to a Rocket Fausto grinder. How beautiful? Just take a look at the photo below!

rocket r58 with rocket espresso grinder

Rocket R58/Rocket Fausto Grinder - Simply Stunning

Shop the Rocket R58 at Cliff & Pebble

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