**this article is in reference to the newest version of the Rocket Espresso R58 (2020) - the Cinquantotto and the newest version (2020) of the Vetrano 2B Evo**

How the Rocket R58 Cinquantotto Compares To The Vetrano 2B Evo

In recent months, both Rocket Espresso and Quick Mill have updated their dual boilers. We get asked to compare these two so often we decided to simply put the detailed comparison into a blog post. 

The similarities are there - dual boiler, dual PID, rotary pump, and more. 

But, what are the differences? 

Before we get into it - let's go over whether or not a dual boiler is even for you? 

Benefits of a dual boiler

What you'll immediately notice when researching dual boiler prosumer espresso machines is the price. Yikes - they can get pricey, right?

So your attention immediately turns to why are they so expensive and is the price justified? 

That's what we're here to help with. 

Cinquantotto - $3,200

Vetrano 2B Evo - $2,695

That's a $505 difference!

Before we go over the reason for the massive price difference, do you even need a dual boiler? 

Pressure Stability

Dual boilers have just that - dual boilers. 

One boiler dedicated to steaming milk (steam boiler), one for brewing espresso (brew boiler). It's important to note that these boilers work independently.

Why is it important that the two boilers work independently?

Let's look at a machine with only one boiler. If you plan on brewing espresso and steaming milk simultaneously, that one boiler is going to be responsible for maintaining pressure for both tasks. Because of that, you'll experience a small loss of pressure and won't be getting 100% out of each function.  

A dual boiler, on the other hand, will experience virtually zero loss of pressure due to the fact that there a two boilers dedicated to one of the functions (brewing or steaming).

Zero Recoup Time

Continuing on the pressure stability conversation, dual boilers will pump out drink-after-drink with basically no recoup time in between shots.

If you’re someone with a large family, or entertain a lot, you may want to consider a dual boiler.

However, if you live alone and only plan on making 1-2 drinks per day, our honest advice would be to save yourself the money and go with a single boiler heat-exchanger.

Take those savings and upgrade your grinder.

After all, the grinder is more important than the machine itself (no really, it is).

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Cinquantotto vs. Vetrano 2B Evo

Rocket Espresso R58 Cinquantotto Quick Mill Vetrano 2B Evo
Price $3,200 $2,695
Manufacturer Rocket Espresso Milano Quick Mill Espresso
Height 16.00 inches
Width 12.00 inches
Depth 18.00 inches
Weight 40.00 pounds 50.00 pounds
Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Drip Tray Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Plumbable Yes Yes 
Capacity 2.5 liters 3 liters
Material Plastic Plastic
Low Water Sensor Yes Yes
Material Copper Stainless Steel
1.7 liters (steam), 0.58 liters (brew boiler)
1.4 liters (steam boiler), 0.75 liters (brew boiler)
Insulated Yes Yes
Power 1400W
1400W (steam boiler) 800W (brew boiler)
Automatic Fill Yes Yes
Type Rotary Pump Rotary Pump
Recommended Brew Pressure 9 bars 9 bars
Adjustable Brew Pressure Yes Yes
Contains PID Yes, via external touchscreen Yes, Dual
Shot Timer Yes Yes
Included (2) Single, Double Spouted
(2) Single, Double Spouted
Portafilter Size 58mm 58mm
Tamper Included Yes Yes
Included Yes No

Differences To Notice

Now, let's go over the biggest differences from the above table.

Boiler Composition

Rocket Espresso R58 Cinquantotto - copper

Vetrano 2B Evo - stainless steel 

An ongoing debate in the coffee nerd world - which boiler material is superior? 

In our opinion, stainless steel is the answer. 

It's been proven to hold heat better, and last longer. 

This was one of the biggest upgrades Quick Mill made to their dual boilers - the switch from copper to stainless steel boilers. 

External Link - Stainless Steel vs. Copper Boilers Discussion

PID Temperature Control

Both machines have dual PID. You'll easily be able to control boiler temperatures with the simple touch of a button on either machine. 

There are, however, differences in the PID design. 

Rocket Espresso has kept the external PID from the previous R58 version. Some love this, while others despise it. 

They also upgraded it to a touchscreen. Now it looks nice and functions properly. Can't tell you how many customers on the previous R58 complained about the buttons on the old PID. They seemed to malfunction very frequently. 

The Vetrano, on the other hand, has PID directly on the face of the machine that doubles as a shot timer (don't worry, Rocket fans. The Cinquantotto has a shot timer as well!). 


What makes Rocket Espresso machines so popular is their look. Rocket does a wonderful job with the aesthetics and never disappoint. 

New to the Cinquantotto comes the cup rail. Integrated stainless steel with the Rocket "R" on both sides. 

Also, the feet have been redesigned to give it a more modern, yet almost futuristic look. Something no other prosumer manufacturer has done. 

Our opinion - it looks awesome.

The Vetrano contains lights on the face of the machine as well. 

Not crazy about that - don't worry. They can be turned off with the simple flick of a switch.  

$3,200 vs. $2,695

If you've made it this far you're probably wondering why the R58 is so much more expensive. 

We're here to be as honest as we possibly can. 

Economics 101 in college taught me one thing on day 1 - the greater the demand, the higher the price. 

Rocket Espresso machines are always in high demand. They do an incredible job marketing in the United States (and worldwide for that matter) while most out there have never heard of Quick Mill before starting their research. 

This alone means Rocket can charge more and people will still pay for it. 

Now, it isn't all economics.

The new touchscreen PID must have increased production cost as well. Also, the new feet and cup rail. 

Which is the better value?

If you love the Rocket brand and are willing to pay a little extra - our advice is get the machine you want and pull the trigger on the R58. These things are expensive and it's important to get the machine you'll be happy with. 

If its value you're looking for - the Vetrano is the obvious answer. 

It contains stainless steel boilers, PID that doesn't need to be plugged in and is impeccably well-built. 

At the end of the day you can't go wrong with either!

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