January 11, 2017

Rocket Espresso R58 Review

The Rocket Espresso R58 has been one of Rocket Espresso Milano's most popular models. A staple of the Rocket brand, the Rocket Espresso R58 exudes design and engineering excellence. The team at Rocket constructs the R58 by hand to deliver the most dynamic espresso making experience around. Today, we go in-depth in our Rocket Espresso R58 Review.

Featuring dual heavy-duty copper boilers, dual PID temperature control and a commercial rotary pump, the Rocket Espresso R58 was built to deliver consistent espresso shots. Dual boilers ensure a consistent shot while dual PID allows the user to customize their machine to their unique preferences by controlling each boiler's internal temperature.

Let dig deeper, shall we? Here are the main features of the Rocket Espresso R58. 

rocket espresso r58 features

Rocket Espresso R58 - Dual Boiler

Consisting of two heavy-duty copper boilers, the Rocket Espresso R58's main purpose is to provide consist espresso shots all day long. Capable of handling small commercial work loads, dual boilers assist in relieving pressure by having two boilers each responsible for it's own task. One for steam pressure, one for brew. In contrasting single boiler machines, one boiler is responsible for both steam and brew. From an engineering standpoint, this means consistent pressure always.

Rocket Espresso R58 - Plumbable

The Rocket R58 can be connected directly to your water source. Save time re-filling your machine's water tank and use that time making delicious cappuccinos! Each R58 from Cliff & Pebble comes complete with the necessary lines for plumbing.  

Rocket Espresso R58 - Dual PID Temperature Control

A convenient feature allowing the barista to control the internal temperature of each boiler. Why should you care about this? Well, temperature is a vital component to making quality espresso. If the brew temperature isn't perfect, your espresso will come out tasting too bitter or too sweet. If you've ever had bad espresso, you know how terrible that can be. Dual PID allows you to control temperature at the touch of a button. Without, you'd have to manually adjust the temperature by opening the machine (a royal pain). 

Rocket Espresso R58 - Commercial Rotary Pump

If you've ever watched YouTube videos of a manual espresso machine, you've noticed how noisy they can be. Unfortunately, this is just a reality of most home espresso machines. However, the R58 is quiet thanks to a commercial quality rotary pump. Make espresso without waking every up with the R58. A truly wonderful yet overlooked benefit of this machine.

what you'll love about the Rocket Espresso R58

  • Dual Boilers - the R58's dual copper boilers will provide unbeatable stability, consistency and an overall superior espresso making experience. Steam and brew simultaneously without losing pressure. 
  • A Looker - Rocket Espresso machines are some of the most gorgeous espresso machines on the market. Rocket has always spent a good amount of design time ensuring that they maintain the awesome look they've become known for - and they continuously please. 
  • Height adjustable feet - one of the only brands to offer this feature, Rocket added height adjustable feet to the R58. Lower your machine by up to 0.75 inches simply by removing part of the layered feet. 
  • Quiet - a major benefit of a commercial rotary pump is it's quiet operation. Some machines out there, especially those with uninsulated boilers, can be loud - annoyingly loud. Not the R58. The R58 is as quiet a espresso machine as you'll find.

things to consider on the Rocket Espresso R58

  • Remote PID - The PID on the R58 is remote and plugged in to a port located on the side of the machine. People either love this or hate it - there's no middle ground. There have also been some complaints that the PID is not very user friendly. We haven't experienced any issue with it. 
  • Too much power - The steam pressure on the R58 is up there. If you're not something who drinks too many milk-based drinks, you may want to save yourself some cash and go with a single boiler heat exchanger. 
  • Cheaper alternatives - Read on to see our opinion on the price of the R58. Long story short - there are cheaper alternatives but if you want a Rocket, it'll be hard to pass on the R58. 

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Using The Rocket Espresso R58

Steaming on the R58

The R58 is so powerful that steaming is a breeze. Prepare milk for a latte or cappuccino in seconds. The R58 does most of the work for you. If you're not an experienced barista or have ever had a manual espresso machine before, the Rocket Espresso R58 may be the perfect machine for you. 

Brewing on the R58

Simply and easy. Grind your beans, insert your portafilter and let the R58 work. Complete with dual pre-infusion, the Rocket Espresso R58 will bring out all the flavors and aromas from your coffee beans. Can't stress how important pre-infusion is in the espresso making process. 

Rocket Espresso R58 – The New Stuff

Back in early 2017, Rocket changed up their machines a bit. Some models got a complete overhaul (and even a name change) while others didn’t change all that much. Here’s what’s new to the Rocket Espresso R58:

Height Adjustable Feet 

The R58 contains Rocket’s newly improved (and fantastic looking) two-tiered feet system. This tiered system allows you to remove the top half to lower your R58 by up to 0.75 inches. Obviously, this is a nice feature and especially so if you’re working with limited counter space. The feet are not only an improved feature but also look much, much better than the older feet (which every manufacturer also uses), which really set Rocket machines apart.

Rocket has always placed a major emphasis on aesthetics and design and they hit one out of the park with these feet. I mean really – they look incredible. Another job well done, Rocket.

rocket espresso r58 feet

Unfortunately, that’s it for the Rocket Espresso R58 

No new features other than the feet!

Is The Rocket Espresso R58 Worth The Price?

This is a question we get so often. It’s a tough one to answer without knowing your exact needs and wants for your home espresso machine. I can tell you that you absolutely do not have to spend $2,800 to get a quality dual boiler espresso machine. You can go with a Vetrano 2B Evo ($2,450) and honestly get more for your money as it has some bells & whistle that the R58 doesn’t.

The reason, in my opinion, Rocket charges more is purely due to economics. They know their machines are in high demand here in the States. When demand is high, prices go up.

Given all this, I think the question now becomes “am I willing to spend more for the Rocket name and all that comes with it?” After all, they’re incredibly beautiful and Instagram-worthy. Rocket machines are all over social media and for good reason – they’re gorgeous. Quality-wise, they aren’t any better than the other Italian brands but they just look so darn pretty.

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What Our Customers Are Saying About The Rocket R58

"I was one of the ones that used a super automatic for many, many years, until now. I did over six months of research, reading many reviews, and contemplating a great deal, but finally made my decision and went for it. Though they're were many brands and models to choose from somehow I got drawn to this one. I paired it with a Rocket Macinatore Fausto Grinder which is also an awesome machine. It was a great learning curve for me to do most of the work pulling a shot that I had been accustom to the super automatic doing for me. With many trial and errors and messes, I finally began learning the process of pulling a shot. I was frustrated many times and gone through a couple of bags of coffee to where I believe I now understand the process and it was well worth it. The taste texture and all was just mind blowing compared to the super automatic. I never knew what I was missing until now. I don't regret anything I have done, I'm very happy with my purchases. Cleaning was a bit involved but once you do it a couple of times it just comes natural. I also put mine on a timer because it does not have that feature and it works just fine." Michael S. - Verified Buyer

We waited for years to get this machine and it was worth the wait! It's gorgeous in our kitchen, is quieter than our previous machine and the double boiler is so fast. We are very happy with our purchase! Meghan W. - Verified Buyer

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