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Rocket Espresso R60v Review

a look at the rocket r60v

Well, lets be honest. The Rocket Espresso R60v isn't cheap. And after the recent price increase (+$300) announced by Rocket in early 2017, it got even pricier. So then question is - is the R60v worth the money? 

Lets dig in.

Main Features of the Rocket Espresso R60v

Pressure Profiling

This is what sets the R60v apart from every other Rocket model. The R60v is the only Rocket machine that possesses pressure profiling capabilities. 

What's pressure profiling? 

This is a system that allows you to design and completely customize your espresso shot. Set different sets of pressure for each step of the extraction process. If you're new to coffee, I wouldn't recommend spending this much on a machine to start but if you have immense experience with these machines - go for it. It really is awesome. 

Smartphone Capabilities 

The R60v can be managed via WIFI on its smartphone app. Programmable features include:

  • Turn on/off
  • Adjust both boiler temperatures
  • Change language (in case you want to make your coffee in italian, I guess?)
  • Turn the service boiler off
  • Switch between water reservoir or direct lined plumbing
  • Configure 3 separate pressure profiles

All these can also be controlled with the included external controller provided by Rocket.

Commercial Rotary Pump

Benefits - quiet, commercial grade, allows for versatile pressure profiling

The quietness of the R60v is stunning. While most machines contain a vibratory pump and are quite noisy, the R60v is anything but. A very nice feature. 

Dual Stainless Steel Boilers

Dual boilers are vital for holding brew temperature. Each boiler has its own responsibility - one for brewing, one for steaming. From an engineering standpoint, have dual boilers increases efficiency while also extending the life of your espresso machine. 

Serial Number Engraved on Front of Machine

Being an R60v owner, you'd be placed in a very exclusive club. Rocket only produces a limited number of R60s. If you're lucky enough to get your hands on one, you'll know it everyday by looking at your engraved serial number!

Other Features Include:

  • Ergonomic Casing
  • Two Color Options - Black, Stainless Steel
  • Pre-Infusion
  • Dual Pressure Gauges
  • Plumbable
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Shipped in a crate to prevent damage 

Our Opinion

The Rocket Espresso R60v is a wonderful, beautifully crafted home espresso machine. Basically, it's a commercial machine for your home. The price tag alone will scare most off but if you're serious about your espresso, we highly recommend looking at the R60v.

Of all the R60v's we've sold, not a single one has been returned or had problems. Handmade in Italy to absolute perfection, Rocket uses the best materials and pays attention to the smallest of details. The only thing more beautiful than its stunning appearance is the quality of espresso it produces on a consistent basis. We get the following questions a lot:

"Can you really taste the difference on a R60v vs. an R58 or Appartamento?"

The simple answer is yes, if you're using it correctly.

Make no mistake, the R60v is not a beginners machine. Don't purchase it and expect it to be a miracle worker. You have to know what you're doing and how to use it. If you do - get it and don't look back.

rocket espresso r60v

A Special Club

R60Vs, produced on a limited basis, contain a special plaque on the front of the machine commemorating the number produced in that current batch.

rocket r60v espresso machine

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