May 14, 2019

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This past April, Rocket Espresso announced a new addition to their gorgeous product offerings at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston, MA. 

Drum roll please......

Introducing The Rocket Faustino

First things first, you probably recognize the name if you follow Rocket Espresso or Specialty Coffee. The Faustino is very similar to another Rocket Espresso product, the Macinatore Fausto. The newly released Faustino can be considered the baby brother to the Fausto and we'll go over why in just a second by comparing the two.

Rocket Faustino Overview


What It'll Cost You

The Faustino comes in four stunning color options. Rocket places so much emphasis on design and usability so let us tell you the Faustino is no exception. It's gorgeous and incredibly easy to use. Here are the color options and their respective prices:

  • Appartamento Copper - $780
  • Appartamento White - $780
  • Chrome - $740
  • Black - $680

So, comparing those prices to the larger-burred Macinatore Fausto (starting at $999), the prices are certainly cheaper but is it enough to have you asking whether or not you should just go for the Fausto? We'll compare the two later on in this post.

50mm Flat Steel Burrs

For a grinder in this price range, 50mm burrs should be expected so this is no surprise. We would've liked to have seen 55mm to compete with the likes of the cheaper Eureka Specialita (from $679) that has larger 55mm burrs and all the other same features (electronic dosing, compact). The Specialita, however, isn't a Rocket and doesn't look even half as good in our opinion!

Comparable Products:


Electronic Dosing With New Touch Screen

The Faustino comes complete with electronic dosing and 2 programmable profiles. One for single shot grinding, one for double. Manual dosing is also an option by pressing both buttons simultaneously. 

One of the knocks on the more expensive Fausto has been the touchscreen. Some have found in non-responsive and difficult to program. Rocket has improved the screen on the Faustino to make it brighter and user-friendly. Seriously. It's a pleasure to use.  

Rocket Faustino vs. Rocket Macinatore Fausto

  Faustino Macinatore Fausto
Price from $680 from $999
Height 15"


Width 5.1" 6.5"
Depth 9" 11"
Weight 16.75 lbs. 25 lbs.
Bean Hopper 
Capacity 0.70 lbs. 1.4 lbs.
Material Plastic Plastic
Stopper? Yes Yes
Burr Set
Size 50mm 65mm
Design Flat Steel Flat Steel
RPM of Burrs 1350 RPM 1650 RPM
Material Aluminum Aluminum
Color Options Copper, White, Chrome, Black Black, Chrome
Watts 260W 245W
Voltage 110V 110V
Design Stepless Stepless
Design Doserless, chute only Doserless, chute only
Portafilter Holder? Yes Yes
Programmable? Yes, single, double shot by time
Yes, single, double shot by time
Manual Grinding Yes Yes

Help Me Decide!

Which is best for you - the newer Faustino or bigger-burred Fausto?

Good news with this decision is you can't really go wrong. Both are impeccably well-built grinders that will last you years. Let's answer some of the most common questions, shall we? 

Is the Fausto worth the extra money?

This depends on what you're looking for in your grinder. Money is usually the #1 buying factor when buying, well, anything. So is the Fausto worth the extra dough?

The larger burrs (65mm) on the Fausto will give you a couple things:

  • Higher levels of consistency
  • Better grind retention

So what do those things mean? We've found the Faustino to act and grind very similar to the Mignon series from Eureka and this isn't surprising considering Eureka manufactures Rocket's grinders for them! The Fausto will be more consistent and able to go coarse easier so if you're someone looking to grind for more than just espresso, you may want to consider investing in the Fausto. That's not to say the Faustino can't go coarse (it certainly can) but rather your results will be more consistent with a Fausto.

Here's what both grinders have:

  • Electronic dosing
  • 2 programmable profiles (single & double dosing based on time)
  • Heavy-duty aluminum casing
  • Flat steel burrs (yes, the sizes are different)

The differences:

  • Burr size (50mm vs. 65mm)
  • Hopper capacity (0.70 lbs. vs. 1.4 lbs)
  • Burr RPM (1350 RPM vs. 1650 RPM
  • Size (15" vs. 17.5" tall)

50mm Burrs vs. 65mm Burrs - Is Bigger Better?

Bigger isn't always better but in the case of grinding burrs, it is. Yes, the 65mm burrs on the Fausto are a huge upgrade compared to the 50mm burrs on the Faustino. 

Larger burrs translates to better consistency, more flexibility, ability to handle larger work-loads, better retention, etc. Basically everything is upgraded.

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