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We've seen some questions on coffee blogs and what-not about Rocket R58 problems. Are there actual issues with the dual boiler from Rocket Espresso? We dive in and go over all issues we've seen with these beauties. After all, if you're about to drop $2,800 on an espresso machine, don't you want to make sure it's a good one?

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"Are there problems with the Rocket Espresso R58?"

So we've seen this question out in the coffee world lately and wanted to chime in. Rocket espresso machines, especially the Rocket R58, are incredibly well-built machines. Each machine is handmade just outside of Milan, Italy with precise attention to every detail. There's a reason Rocket espresso machines are typically held in high regard - they're a high quality product.

That said, they can experience some issues - any espresso machine can. Lets go over the issues we've read about, shall we? 

Inconsistent Pressure? - Rocket R58

We've seen a couple posts saying their Rocket R58 problems are all about brew pressure. The machine works fine for a while then the pressure starts to act a little crazy - flickering in the red zone while brewing. 

Is this normal? 

No. If you have an R58 and are experiencing something like this - contact the vendor you purchased it from (hopefully us!) as this shouldn't happen with a machine that contains a commercial-grade rotary pump. Simply adjusting the pressure is a temporary fix that will lead to the issue resurfacing. For a machine of this caliber, this shouldn't happen - especially right off the bat. 

Water light blinking green when reservoir is full? - Rocket R58

Ah, this is an issue we've had people call us about all the time. 

If the reservoir is full and the machine is telling you it's empty - something is off, right? The machine must be malfunctioning, right? 


Your machine is fine. The Rocket R58 contains a water sensor to detect low water levels. If your reservoir is full and you find that light blinking, I can tell you your machine is not the problem but rather your water. 

Your R58 is one smart fella - it knows when something is wrong. In this particular situation, the machine is not detecting any minerals in the water you're using. Here's a list of waters you shouldn't be using with a Rocket R58 as they don't have a high enough mineral content:

  • Reverse osmosis
  • Distilled

Fixing Solutions

  • Don't use the aforementioned waters
  • Take a cup of normal tap water and place it in the reservoir - this should work perfectly.
  • Buy from Cliff & Pebble - we offer an extended warranty for FREE!

rocket r58 espresso machine extended warranty

Have you had any Rocket R58 problems? 

Is your problem not listed here? 

Leave a comment below and we'll make sure one of our techs sees it. We'll do our best to get you some troubleshooting advice as quickly as possible. Alternatively, always feel free to give us a call at (800) 410-8867 or email our espresso experts at

Cliff & Pebble is a preferred Rocket Espresso USA dealer. We work directly with the manufacturer for all warranty/repair issues. Buying a machine from us will guarantee a backed warranty directly from Rocket Espresso.

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Coffee Nut
Coffee Nut

October 05, 2018

Hi I have noticed a lack of steam pressure on occasions with my R58. It is an intermittent issue, happens 10% of the time. The steam pressure drops to around 0.6 and it only just steams a small jug of milk, or I have to wait for pressure to buils up to finish off the small jug. Is anyone else having this issue? Is it normal?

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