See What’s New On The 2017 Rocket Espresso Mozzafiato Type V

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Out with the old & in with the new!

Earlier this year, Rocket Espresso released their new 2017 line of domestic espresso machines. No longer will you see the Cellini (premium plus & Evoluzione). Instead, Rocket has replaced it with the all new Mozzafiato Type V. 

Rocket Espresso Mozzafiato Type V

Two models

So, what’s the difference?

It’s all in the name - Rocket Espresso tried to make distinguishing the above models as easy as possible by adding “V” and “R” to the titles.

V - contains a Vibratory pump

R – contains a Rotary pump

Easy, right?

New Features to 2017

Height Adjustable Feet

Using a two-level foot system, all 2017 Rockets (minus the Appartamento) now contain height adjustable feet. Now, users can raise or lower their Rocket Espresso Machine by up to an entire inch! This is great for those working with limited counter space or low hanging cabinets.

rocket espresso mozzafiato type v

In addition to the increased functionality, the new height adjustable feet give the Rocket an even more modern look than before. Compared to the old, plain feet found on a Rocket, these guys give the machine a more sophisticated look in our opinion. Well done, Rocket!

On the Mozzafiato Type V? YES

Stainless Steel Cup Rail

This is the one most Rocket Espresso enthusiast have been waiting for! Replacing the former plastic cup racks, Rocket has finally addressed a pressing issue (and complaints from current customers). Not that the old cup racks were bad, well ok – they were, we had a nightmare of a time replacing them from when customers would receive them cracked right out of the box!

rocket espresso mozzafiato type v

While they won’t affect the performance of the machine, this was a much needed and long anticipated cosmetic upgrade. Unfortunately for Appartamento lovers, the stainless steel racks do not come standard just yet but can be purchased separately. After chatting with Rocket Espresso at a SCA in Seattle this past April, it seems they’ll most likely be moving to the stainless steel cup racks on ALL machines shortly.

On the Mozzafiato Type V? YES

New Steam Wand Knobs

The Mozzafiato Type V now comes with that awesome, indistinguishable Rocket Espresso “R” knobs. Those who come into your kitchen will now undeniably know that you’re serious about your coffee with a Rocket. No more crappy, cheap Nespresso for them after dinner – your Rocket will help make them a proper espresso.

rocket espresso mozzafiato type v

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