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Tesla Repair Vans Will Have Espresso Machines - Awesome

tesla espresso machine

If you haven’t seen, or been in one by now then you have no idea what you’re missing. That’s right – I’m talking about Tesla. The cool, hip, environmentally safe electronic car company founded by the always-innovative Elon Musk strikes again. If you’re lucky enough to have the means to afford a Tesla, being an owner just became even better.

Lets say your Tesla Model S breaks down on the side of the road. No worries – Tesla operates repair fans to come right to you. Here’s the great part if you’re a coffee/caffeine lover – these vans are now going to be fully equipped with an espresso machine! Now, you’ll not only be able to get your wheels fixed on demand but they’ll also take care of your caffeine levels.

tesla repair services

Tesla ownership numbers have been doing nothing but rising. And while the cars themselves are awesome, they aren’t perfect – like most cars, they occasionally break down. That’s why Tesla is rolling out these caffeine boosting repair vans. Makes you wonder what type of research Tesla did to make the decision to place an espresso machine in their vans. Are Tesla owners fonder of espresso-based drinks than say, a unicorn latte? My guess is absolutely! Espresso tends to be the drink of choice to the younger, cooler and more “with it” crowd. One would even go as far as to say espresso is becoming “cool” in the states like it is in Europe – where espresso is a part of daily life.

No word yet on the type of equipment being used in these vans but we have a suggestion – the Rocket Espresso Boxer. Rocket Espresso machines, and especially the Boxer, are incredibly similar in style to Tesla. They’re sleek, cool and just beautiful machines. – Just like a Tesla. We just hope they don’t place a Nespresso or some super-automatic espresso machine in their vans. If you’re going to make espresso, do it right!

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