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Video: Espresso and....Racist Rants? Man Goes Nuts at Chicago Starbucks


Per multiple news outlets, a Chicago man faces three counts of battery after going on a racist rant at a Starbucks after his drink was spilled on him. 

Read the full CNN story here.

Most walk into their local Starbucks expect the same routine. Order, wait, receive and enjoy your drink. Patrons at this Chicago Starbucks got an extra surprise with their drink this past Tuesday when William Boucher, 23, suddenly became angry when someone spilled a beverage on him prompting him to eventually yell "Shut up, slave!" at a fellow coffee-goer. 

The situation eventually continued to the street outside when Boucher spat, that's right spat, on a man and a woman. If that wasn't enough craziness, he also punched a 59 year old man who was later taken to a local hospital with an eye injury.

That hideous suit must have been pretty expensive for him to go this nuts, spit on a woman and punch a 59 year old man unprovoked. Wow.  

Keep it civil, people! Coffee is meant to be enjoyed, not painful!

Take a look for yourself: