What happened to the Rocket Cellini V3?

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To the point...

Rocket Espresso replaced the Cellini V3 with the Mozzafiato in early 2017 while the Rocket Giotto still exists. Other than the name, Rocket has added a few features to the Mozzafiato including height adjustable feet and a stainless steel cup rack. 

We've received tons of emails and phones calls asking about the whereabouts of the Rocket Cellini V3. Bad news for Cellini fans - it no longer exists. Don't worry, though - all is not lost. The Cellini has just been renamed and revamped!

Introducing the Rocket Espresso Mozzafiato!

More bad news - Rocket increased the price of both machines by $50.

What's New

Adjustable Feet

Now, you can lower or raise your Mozzafiato by up to an inch - take that Cellini!

new rocket espresso machines

Steam Wand Knob

The Mozzafiato's now contain those awesome-looking steam wand knobs with the "R" on them. Doesn't affect performance, obviously. But they look pretty darn cool - something you could only get on the Evoluzione, R58 and R60V in the past.

rocket espresso mozzafiato

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