August 08, 2017

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The Quick Mill Vetrano 2b evo provides great value if you're looking for a dual boiler. The pros: dual boiler, beautiful, rotary pump equipped, large drip tray & shot timer. The cons: a tad bulky. Designed for those who are looking for a dual boiler for their home but aren't willing to spend close to $3k, the Quick Mill Vetrano 2b Evo is Italian engineering at its finest. 

Here at Cliff & Pebble, we work hard everyday to make sure our customers get the espresso machines that fits their needs. We often find ourselves comparing machines based on many different factors. Brand, features, included accessories, size, etc. When dealing with dual boilers, we offer plenty of solid options however the Quick Mill Vetrano 2b Evo is usually towards the top of our favorite dual boilers.

Today, we present a full in-depth view of the Vetrano 2b Evo and compare it to other dual boilers. Quick Mill recently update their entire line (this is why the "evo" was added to the name) and we want to make sure our readers are completely up to date on what this beauty offers.

Quick Mill Vetrano 2b Evo

Features you should care about:

Dual Boiler

Dual boilers provide greater stability and more consistent pressure when compared to single boilers. Brewing and steaming simultaneously has never been easier on the Quick Mill Ventrano 2b evo. You'll never have to worry about losing pressure and the recovery time between shots is lightning quick - all due to the fact that there are two boilers each responsible for one thing - brewing or steaming.

Single boilers take on both tasks making sustainable pressure much more difficult (this is why you lose some pressure when brewing and steaming simultaneously on a single boiler. 

quick mill vetrano 2b evo

Rotary Pump

Compared to it's counter-part, the vibratory pump, rotary pumps are much quieter and provide greater stability. This is essential to creating quality espresso on a consistent basis. Oh, it'll last longer too! 

Rotary pumps add the additional benefit of having your machine be able to be plumbed directly to your water line. This means less time having to constantly be re-filling the reservoir. No worries if you don't want this feature - you can easily go from plumbed to reservoir water sourcing with the easy flip of a switch. 

PID Temperature Control

PID allows you to adjust the temperature of your boiler with the touch of a button. While not incredibly necessary, you'll find yourself using it more than you'd think. Most machines these days have PID as manufacturers have begun adding PID to their 2017 lines including Rocket Espresso (all machines minus the Appartamento now contain PID).

Your boiler temperature is very important when creating espresso but don't be confused. The temperature in your boiler is not the temperature your coffee will be extracted at. This is simply because the water has to travel from the boiler to your group head. During this travel, heat is lost.

quick mill vetrano 2b evo

quick mill vetrano 2b evo

E61 Heated Group Head

When it comes to group heads, the E61 is the standard - and the Quick Mill Vetrano 2b Evo has it! Don't consider anything without an E61. Heated group heads ensure a warm cup every time by making sure the group head is constantly warm while the machine is on.

These machines also contain what's called Thermosiphon. What this system does is ensures hot water is always circulating throughout the machine keeping everything warm and ready to go. Just another massive feature required for great, consistent espresso. 

Nice Features

Shot Timer

Measure your brew time from start to finish. This one is for all you perfectionists out there who really want everything to be customized to your exact, and I mean exact, preferences down to extraction time.

An ideal extraction will be between 25 and 30 seconds. A little longer if you're looking for a ristretto

No Burn Steam Wands

A great feature that doesn't require much explanation. No burn steam wands are actually quite convenient. If you've had an espresso machine of this caliber before then you know - as you've undoubtedly burned yourself on accident on either the group head or steam wand. 

The Quick Mill Vetrano 2b Evo is fully equipped with no-burn steam wands. You'll be able to touch (without your bare hands) your steam wand directly after use. Be warned, though. They'll still be hot just not hot enough to harm you. 

Cutting Edge Lines/Stainless Steel Construction

Typical to a Quick Mill, the Vetrano 2b evo contains a sleek, sophisticated look caped in flawless stainless steel. Quick Mill machines are not only well built from an interior perspective, they're appearance mirrors their outstanding capabilities. Putting this machine in your kitchen will automatically make it the centerpiece that will yield endless compliments and questions of where you got it.

Made from #304 stainless steel, the Vetrano 2b evo is a work of art.

In Comparison

Compared to other dual boilers, the Quick Mill Vetrano 2b evo certainly sticks out mainly due to the extras it contains (shot timer, hinged water tank cover, ergonomic portafilters, etc). 

Let's compare the 2b evo to other top performing dual boilers, shall we? 

Features Quick Mill Vetrano 2b evo Rocket Espresso R58 La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi ii
Made in Italy Italy Italy
Price $2,395 $2,800 $1,795
PID Yes Yes Yes
Shot Timer Yes No Yes
Casing Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Plastic
Steam Boiler Capacity 1.4 liters 1.7 liters 1.2 liters
Brew Boiler Capacity .75 liters .58 liters .45 liters
Reservoir Capacity 3 liters 2.5 liters 3 liters

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Quick Mill Vetrano 2b evo

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