Which Rocket Espresso Machine Should I Buy?

September 15, 2016 0 Comments

Rocket Espresso Milano is the standard for home espresso machines. When it comes to the best espresso machine, it can be tough to decipher the differences between them all. To be honest, you can't go wrong with any of them but the chart above, provided directly by Rocket Espresso, will certainly help. 

Determining Factors

There are many aspects that make Rocket espresso machines great. Lets go through them. 

  • PID - PID is an adjustable temperature display that allows the use to alter the brew temperature. Ideal for optimal temperature control. See the Rocket Cellini
  • Boiler Capacity - how much water the machine can hold. Obviously the larger the boiler, the longer you can go without having to refill it. It's also worth nothing that some rocket espresso machine, like the rocket r58, is able to be set up directly with your water supply so you'll never have to manually refill the tank!
  • Hard Plumbing - Can the machine be hooked up to your water supply? Yes or no? 
  • Reservoir - Does the machine have a water reservoir? This is a very convenient feature that saves you time. Time filling up the machine with water. Instead, the machine will automatically take water from the reservoir when running low. 

 It's also worth nothing that none of the rocket machines have bean grinding capabilities. You'll need to invest in a good coffee grinder, like a mazzer mini, or mazzer super jolly.

Also, please keep in mind the Cliff & Pebble equation to quality coffee at home:

Make sure you're buying beans that are freshly roasted & preferably from a local roaster. Stay away from Starbucks and for heaven's sake - Folgers. If you need more help deciding what beans are best for espresso, review our blog post on the subject by clicking the link. 

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