April 04, 2018

Well, its almost iced coffee time for most coffee drinkers. The weather is getting warmer every day (unless you’re in Chicago like we are, it snowed this morning) which means one thing for coffee addicts – your order is about to change at your local coffee shop! Iced coffee is great, refreshing and still has all that caffeine you need to get a jump on your day. But why is iced coffee more expensive than the more common hot coffee? We dig in. 

1. It Costs More To Make It

why is iced coffee more expensive than hot coffee

Iced coffee requires some materials not necessary when serving hot coffee. 

Plastic Cups

Iced coffee needs to be served in a plastic cup which are typically more expensive than paper.

Ice Is Required – Duh

Yes, ice isn’t something that’s crazy expensive but it also isn’t free. Just because less coffee is used doesn’t mean the drink will be cheaper. The opposite is true as ice is needed for an iced coffee. 


Most iced coffee drinks are served in not only a more expensive plastic cup but also contain a straw. Just one more additional cost to every iced coffee beverage. 

All these costs may not seem significant but they add up. Coffee houses are a business and need to make money. A higher cost of creation will obviously result in a higher price tag, unfortunately.


Most add some sort of a syrup into their iced coffee. Syrups are typically the reason most overpay for more carbs and sugars at Starbucks. But they taste so damn good!

2. Cold Brew Takes More Time

If you haven’t jumped on the cold brew trend yet – give one a shot this summer – it’s delightful (if made properly). In short, cold brew is coffee brewed with cold or room temperature water instead of hot. Brewing it takes much more time, often days of allowing the brew to sit in a refrigerator since the extraction process is much slower than hot coffee.

Because of this slower extraction process, more coffee is required. This combined with the additional time and labor involved results in a much higher price tag.

Is it worth it? We think so!


Featured Photo Credit: Blue Bottle Coffee

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