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Will a Rocket Espresso R58 Really Save Me Money?

Rocket Espresso R58

The Machine - Rocket Espresso R58

The Price - $2,800

So, how exactly can this thing save me money? Let's dig in:


A lot the the questions we get here at Cliff & Pebble from prospective customers go somewhat like this....

  • "Why are these machines so expensive?!"
  • "Are they really worth the investment?!"
  • "Is it that much better than a Nespresso or Mr. Coffee?!"

That last one cracks me up because yes, the difference in quality is monumental. Seriously, no lies.  

Simply put, the equipment we sell costs what it does because they're at the top of their class. Our machines are made by hand by people who care more about the quality of their machines and products than the quantity they sell - this is the Italian manufacturing way. To do this, they use the highest quality materials available and pay attention to the smallest details. This is also the reason why the more popular models, like the Rocket Espresso R58, is usually on backorder.

The demand for the Rocket Espresso R58, among other Rocket models, continues to do nothing but grow and grow with each passing day. Rocket has had immense trouble keeping up with demand due to an ever increasing desire for their espresso machines in the United States market. This increase in demand has also led to a small price increase in 2017 (+$50).

Will it save me money?  

Just off the cusp, it doesn't seem like investing $2,800 in anything can be described as a money saver, right? Sure. But lets think about this logically.

Let's say you go to Starbucks or maybe a local café on your commute to work every morning during the week. Let's also say you only go with a tall drink. The average customer ordering a tall drink at Starbucks spends $3.43 every visit. Annually, that adds up to a whopping $1,221 spent on burnt, overpriced coffee! So, a year has now gone by and we're almost half way to the price of a Rocket Espresso R58. For comparison purposes, if you order a grande - you'll on average spend $1,459 annually and a staggering $1,577 annually on a venti! That's a lot of dough on bad coffee.

I know what you're thinking - that's still significantly less than the cost of a Rocket Espresso R58!

Keep in mind that a Rocket Espresso R58 will last you, if taken care of properly, upwards of 15 years. That's a savings of over $18k over that time period (not including inflation). 

Better Coffee Too!

Investing in an R58 would get you more than years of savings. You'd be drinking much better, café-quality coffee made the way it's supposed to be made. 

Starbucks may be convenient, fast and tasty but here's what it isn't:

  • Healthy
  • Made the right way
  • Prepared properly
  • Priced properly
  • Comparable to a local café

We could go on. 

In short, Starbucks is overpriced, poor-quality coffee. Check out this post & video from the guys at Buzz Feed. They taste espresso's from three different locations in San Francisco, one being Starbucks, to compare quality and price. Can you guess which is better? Starbucks or espresso from a local café using freshly roasted beans, quality grinders from Italy (opposed to China) and espresso machines that are built for with one thing in mind - quality (opposed to volume)?

But hey, enough Starbucks bashing. 

We get the popularity. After all, Sbux is convenient, easy and doesn't require much work from you - other than whipping out your wallet every day. You can order on the app and your drink will be waiting for you when you walk in. The drinks themselves, while bad for you, can actually be quite tasty but that's expected when you pour flavored syrup, sugar and whipped cream in them! (don't even get me started on the catastrophe that is the unicorn latte).

What a Rocket Won't Get You

A Rocket Espresso R58 won't make a drink for you. It won't have a drink ready for you when you wake up. It won't let you order on an app. Yes, it's true there is some work involved with a Rocket Espresso machine, or any prosumer espresso machine for that matter. 

The end product, though, is truly incomparable - a thing of beauty. There's something about making your own latte or cappuccino in the morning using a machine built by perfectionists in the coffee capital of the world.

The Decision

The decision you have to make is whether you prefer quality over convenience. A Rocket Espresso R58 will undoubtedly save you money in the long term but is it enough to splurge in the short term?

The coffee itself is miles better. The process is a fun one and oh yeah, it'll look pretty darn nice in your kitchen too! 

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