2017 Rocket Espresso Machines

2017 rocket espresso machines

Meet the all new 2017 Rocket Espresso Machines

  • Rocket Espresso Type V - Giotto and Mozzafiato - Replaces the Premium Plus Models
  • Rocket Espresso Evoluzione R - Giotto and Mozzafiato - Replaces the Previous Evoluzione Models

So, What's New? 

Rocket Espresso has made telling the difference between their espresso machines much simpler in 2017.

  • "V" indicates vibratory pump (Type V)
  • "R" indicates rotary pump (Evoluzione R)

New Features

Height Adjustable Feet 

Rocket Espresso has introduced a two-level foot system allowing the user to remove the top level to lower the machine. Ideal for those working with limited kitchen space.

Stainless Steel Cup Frame

Previous models contained a less durable plastic cup frame. Rocket Espresso improved this feature by replacing it with a more visually pleasing stainless steel frame. 

PID Temperature Control 

PID has been added to the Rocket Espresso Evoluzione models replacing the pressure stat. Users can now digitally raise or lower boiler temperature with the touch of a button.

New Steam Wand Knobs

All the 2017 Rocket Espresso machines will now come complete with the steam wand knobs containing the Rocket Espresso "R". 

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Why You Should Be Investing in Contemporary Rocket Espresso Machines

To the uninitiated, one type of espresso machine can seem very similar to another; our discerning customers know better! We carefully source only those espresso machines that we've found to offer the very best performance, delivering an outstanding result, even after repeated use. Our selection of Rocket Espresso Machines incorporates an innovative range of features that really add value to your brewing experience.



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